Table of contents

Editor’s letter: Appearance vs. reality

Despite what the titans of Wall Street might believe, the markets are called public because that’s who they belong to. And the public is at Goldman’s gate, pitchforks and torches in hand.

Opinion: Learning to compete and to stop whining about it

There’s a growing sense that we can survive and thrive in an unfettered arena. But old insecurities die hard.

Opinion: In business, there’s no such thing as a perfect 10

My close associates know that saying, ‘That will never work!’ is like waving the proverbial red flag in front of a bull.

Winners & Losers: Who’s up, who’s down

Goldman Sachs, Oprah, Palm, CIBC and more.

Economy: Climbing a wall of worry

The economy turned around faster than expected, but we are far from in the clear.

Icahn’s fight for Lions Gate

Icahn is fed up, but not everyone agrees that the company is being mismanaged.

U.K.: The recession election

Amid fears of a hung parliament, Britain’s fiscal situation is the focus as voters decide who will lead the economic recovery.

Investment fraud: Jones victims won’t go quietly

With the Montreal fraudster in jail, his clients turn their attention to his bankers.

Environment: Energy Star dims

A trusted eco-label admits to lax standards and problems with quality control.

Law: Where are you, Atticus Finch?

There’s lots of work, but small towns are having trouble attracting legal talent.

We still adore our Commodore 64

One of the most beloved tech brands of the ’80s is coming back — once again.

The big money in slow shipping

Reducing speed is a win-win for both the transport industry and the environment.

Marketing: Science sells soup

Puzzled over flat sales, Campbell’s gives its brand over to neuroscience.

The CEO Poll: Stimulus was a waste of money

Business leaders say infrastructure spending didn’t turn the economy around.

Sex, brands and rock ‘n’ roll

New bands are increasingly turning to corporate patrons to fund their art.

Bulletproof T-shirts

Combine cotton and boron, and you get a T-shirt that can stop a bullet.

The Ode: Skyservice Airlines (1994-2010)

It hung on longer than many, but what goes around eventually comes around in the vicious eat-or-be-eaten world of Canadian charter airlines.

The brands we trust

Our first annual survey ranking the reputations of Canada’s top companies shows who held up in down times.

Brands we trust: On a first-name basis

How Tim’s pulls our heartstrings, and other secrets of the top brands.

Brands we trust: Those emotional Canadians

Consumers here are becoming more like their international peers.

Brands we trust: Branding by the masses

Big companies have been slow to take advantage of social media. That needs to change.

Cirque’s mid-life crisis

Cirque du Soleil became a global success by transforming audience’s expectations of what a circus could be. But after a quarter century, has its avant-garde style become stale?

Work productivity: Drained

Sleeplessness has become a corporate epidemic. It’s killing productivity and costing companies billions.

The Green 30: From the bottom up

How employees are turning their bosses on to sustainability.

The Green 30: Greenest of the green

These Canadian organizations are making environmental responsibility a big part of business.

Emerging economies: Border crossing

North American markets may be stagnant, but emerging economies offer plenty of opportunity.

The Performer: Supermodel Coco Rocha

On jet lag, personal image and what it means when the product you’re selling is you.

Book review: Working hard is for suckers, and other secrets to success

A new bestselling corporate manifesto rages against the machine.

How to coax ideas out of a sheepish staff

Your employees likely have a wealth of untapped ideas — many are just too embarrassed to speak up.

Gifts: A concise guide to gratitude

How to thank every person on your radar in a manner that is at once appropriate and awesome.

Viral ads that smell as good as this guy

Humour has become the most powerful marketing tool in social media. How to do it right is debatable.