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Editor’s letter: Why Canada needs RIM to win

Rather than tripping over ourselves to predict its downfall, we should all be collectively rooting for RIM’s success.

Opinion: The ‘lost decade’ that was too good to be true

From tech stocks to income trusts to exotic bonds, the bottom line was ignored, and investors got burned.

Opinion: The perils of marketing the celebrity-in-chief

If a person who acts as his own lawyer has a fool for a client, why do so many CEOs cast themselves as corporate spokesperson?

Winners & Losers: Who’s up, who’s down

Avatar, Canwest, Iceland, air travel and more.

A blank cheque for America’s mortgage giants

Critics say extra bailout dollars bring mortgage giants closer to nationalization.

Food: McCain bets big on menu revamp

Frozen-food giant rewrites recipes for 70 items to focus on healthy, real ingredients.

Is Google’s phone HTC’s best shot?

World’s No. 4 smartphone manufacturer grabs spotlight as maker of the Nexus One.

The new cinema chic

The recession is bringing people back to the movies — including the wealthy. A wave of luxury-cinema builders hopes to cash in.

Polaroid goes Gaga

Twice-bankrupt instant photography company makes unlikely comeback, thanks to fans, Canadian private equity, Lady Gaga.

MBA education: Celebrity schooling

MBA seekers now have a chance to get a degree with Jack Welch’s name on it.

Economy: The perils of positive thinking

A new study finds companies should have cut more to prep for a long, slow recovery.

System to fight ‘blood diamonds’ in ruins

Near collapse of Kimberley Process could spark renewed trade in ‘blood’ diamonds.

Marketing: Move over, Spider-Man

Marvel Entertainment celebrates girl power in a new bid for female readers.

The CEO Poll: Expect flight hassles to get worse

Executives predict that security measures will make air travel less convenient.

One Laptop Per Child’s tablet PC

OLPC’s tablet PC may be a pipe dream — but it could force prices down all the same.

E-bikes: Magna’s new folly?

Why Canada’s auto-parts king is sinking millions of dollars into bionic bikes.

The Ode: Dack’s Shoes

For more than 150 years, the Canadian firm thought quality was enough. By the time it considered outsourcing to Mexico, it was too late.

Research In Motion: … And now the hard part

Suddenly under siege, Research In Motion must adapt or be overtaken.

McKinsey & Co.: The man behind the curtain

McKinsey & Co. wants to reshape government the way it changed corporate America. But first, Dominic Barton must figure out how to reshape McKinsey.

Retail: The genius of Dollarama

How a small, Quebec-based chain became a billion-dollar retail empire — one buck at a time.

Naomi Klein: Marketer of the decade

Naomi Klein’s No Logo was meant to eradicate ‘brand bullies.’ Instead, it became the most influential marketing manual of its time.

The Performer: Real estate scion Ivanka Trump

On negotiation tactics, lessons from her father, and the upside of being underestimated.

Book review: Why motivation is not quite as simple as carrots and sticks

What separates those of us who keep our resolutions from those who don’t?

Work: When your protege is a little too good

How to manage an ambitious employee who is gunning for your job.

Selling: Wooing clients in the age of piety

Entertaining isn’t only about having fun on the company dime. It’s about building relationships.

Investing: How to spot weasel words that can sink your portfolio

Researchers warn: if you see ‘unbilled receivables’ or other red-flag phrases in a corporate filing, run.

Travel accessories: Keep calm — even without the carry-on

How to get through heightened airport security quickly and anxiety-free.

Outlook 2010

What does the future have in store? Canadian Business presents expert insight on the 10 questions that will define the markets and the economy in the months ahead.