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Editor’s letter: What ‘performance’ means

Here’s some useful guidance on how to navigate the minefields we all encounter on our professional travels.

Opinion: Frank Stronach still has a few tricks up his sleeve

Anyone who follows Magna knows the company wonAC™t miss having to justify StronachAC™s super voting shares.

Opinion: Don’t fear risk, but always protect your downside

In business, asking questions may not save lives, but it can save you a lot of time and money.

Winners & Losers: Who’s up, who’s down

Paul Godfrey, cougars, the Phoenix Suns and more.

BP’s deep-water disaster

BP’s disaster in the Gulf of Mexico could slow offshore drilling for decades to come.

Flaherty nixes bank tax fix

The IMF and G20 are keen on a special bailout tax, but Canada has better ideas.

University Health Network teaches Microsoft a lesson

A dispute over the status of off-campus labs has the UHN in a software showdown.

Warren Buffett: The sage of capitalism

Warren Buffett has evolved from amiable value investor to an ambassador for markets, teaching investing basics to all ages.

Is Shaw’s eye on Corus Entertainment?

Shaw’s purchase of Canwest leaves investors wondering where Corus fits in.

Fast food targets women

Used to selling men on mega, marketers profit in selling women on mini.

Media: The rise of churnalism 101

Used to being paid by the word, writers are now being paid by the click.

The EU’s deep divide

The fiscal crisis drives the EU apart, while deeper integration remains vital.

The CEO Poll: Greek bailout is the right move

Despite doubts about Greece’s future, CEOs say the bailout was the best option.

Space exploration: Getting plant life to the red planet

NASA spent millions on a support system for plants, when a Ziploc bag did just fine.

The Ode: Planet Organic (1993 – 2010)

The grocery chain rode the rising natural foods wave until it bought a U.S. counterpart at the top of the market – with borrowed money.

Kevin O’Leary: The natural

Kevin O’Leary makes great TV. But is he the savvy business mogul he’s made out to be?

A wave of protectionism?

One Issue, Two Voices series: The AFL-CIO’s Robert Baugh and the CD Howe Institute’s William Robson offer two opposing voices on a heated topic.

Lululemon: The karma offensive

Thanks to near flawless execution of its business plan, Lululemon is poised to become the next great Canadian global brand. The only dark cloud is a stock that is priced for more than mere perfection.

Hockey: Driving to the ‘Net

John Collins believed the National Hockey League could be a powerful global sports brand. Now, the COO of the NHL is using digital media and splashy TV events to prove it.

Investing: Prescription for profit

Obama’s reform bill threw the U.S. health-care sector for a loop. For smart investors that uncertainty could be an opportunity.

Work: The corporate athlete

What happens when top thinkers in sports psychology and physiology apply their expertise to business? Inside a training camp for elite executives.

How-to: Grooming and wellness

Buying a tux, wearing heels, avoiding illness and more.

How-to: Manners and etiquette

Office gossip, office lunches, the exit interview and more.

How-to: Career advancement

The elevator pitch, humane PowerPoint use, detecting a liar and more.

How-to: Travel

Mini-bar snacks, business abroad, how to pack for one week and more.

How-to: Leisure and entertaining

Surviving bad golf, choosing Scotch, psyching out your opponent and more.

The Performer: Ultra-marathon runner Martin Parnell

On competition, the global language of sport, and taking life one marathon at a time.