Table of Contents

Free trade: Blame Canada

Democrats’ anti-NAFTA rhetoric resonates with many Pennsylvanians.

Livent trial: Curtain raiser

Livent impresarios star in a tense courthouse drama next month.

Film distribution: That’s Entertainment One

Darren Throop and Patrice Theroux have changed the state of film distribution in Canada. Is the world next?

ABCP restructuring: Razzle-dazzle

Canaccord borrows from Peter to pay Paul.

International relations: Olympian force

A trade mission to Toronto underscores China’s pre-eminence.

The CEO Poll: Not so free trade

Canadian business leaders on creeping protectionism.

Fertilizer market: Watch it grow

The fertilizer market is booming. Can prices stay sky-high?

Foreign takeovers: M&A madness

In blocking the MDA deal, Ottawa has taken a page from North Korea’s no-trade policy. Tech’s future in Canada looks grim.

Water scarcity: A disclosure drought

Why nobody knows how bad it could get.

Economic downturn: Testing the bottom

Some market-watchers think the economy has found the floor and is set to take off. Here’s why you shouldn’t buy it.

Financial reporting: Decades lost

The switch to a new accounting standard for public companies will worsen the lot of Canadian investors.

Crossing the border: Life in the fast lane

Crossing into the U.S. is a whole lot easier when you get your eyes examined.

Disciplining employees: Fair or foul?

Treating employees differently is an uncomfortable reality, but it’s expected by the courts.

Office software: Changing suites

Sometimes it’s not worth switching software, even when it’s free.

Exporting to the U.S.: Last call for first sale?

A new U.S. rule may push Canadian exporters to new markets.

Editorial: The folly of meddling

The government’s decision to stop the purchase of MDA’s space assets is not in the national interest.

Editorial: Meddling follies, part 2

If BCE executives seem confused about what it takes to get a deal done in Canada, one can hardly blame them.

Q&A: Wikimedia Foundation’s Sue Gardner

Wikimedia’s executive director on the future of the online encyclopedia.

Live & Learn: Nellie Cournoyea

The CEO and chair of Inuvialuit Regional Corp. on survival.

Insider: The penny

The life and times of the one cent coin.

Interview: The ultimate business school

Staff writer Joe Castaldo speaks with Peter and Nina Munk.