Table of contents

Editor’s letter: Paying the price for the flu fiasco

When public health officials fail, the risks are far more serious and potentially deadly.

Opinion: Keeping an eye out for accounting inequities

Correcting for accounting inequities can wipe out anywhere from 3% to 21% of a company’s stock value.

Opinion: Jim Balsillie was felled by hockey’s snuffling cranks

Gary Bettman has no standing to decide who can be an owner, and he shouldn’t be fronting a blackballing operation.

Winners & Losers: Who’s up, who’s down

Detroit housing, Baby Einstein, Twitter, Hydro-Québec and more.

Toy safety still a crapshoot

Canadian rules focus more on recalls than on keeping unsafe goods off shelves.

Telecom: CRTC veto shuts Globalive out of wireless competition

CRTC veto puts new wireless competitor on hold and the federal cabinet in a bind.

Adventure tourism: Tourism of duty in Iraq

As foreign armies leave Iraq, tour guides ? and tourists ? are slowly taking their place.

International economics: A few brics short of a load?

Experts question whether Brazil, Russia, India and China merit supergroup status.

Social media: Enter the Twitterati

Thanks to the Twitterati, a publicity crisis is never more than 140 characters away.

Forestry: Pine-beetle payback

B.C. is starting to reap unexpected dividends from its insect-ravaged forests.

Mining: The making of a growth stock?

Takara’s all-female executive team hopes to woo investors with strategic alliances.

Investing: SEC shines a light on “dark pools”

SEC targets private trading networks that favour some investors over others.

The CEO Poll: Fix the Canadian pension system

Business leaders and retirees alike are unhappy with the Canadian pension system.

Eco-burial: The future of death

At the funerals of the future, corpses may be frozen solid and shattered into bits.

Energy: Harnessing dirt power

Batteries powered by soil could provide electricity to millions of Africans.

The Ode: Buell Motorcycle Co.

Despite its innovation, this maker of custom racing bikes and its uncompromising attitude couldn’t survive an economic downturn and a changing marketplace.

2010 Investing Guide

Three high-octane investing strategies that offer at least the potential for sky-high returns in the coming year.

Retail: HBC’s Cinderella moment

The Bay is reinventing itself as a haven for fashionistas, frugal and otherwise. Is anyone buying it?

Economics: A voice in the wilderness

Paul Krugman on why economists misread the financial crisis and the U.S. still needs more stimulus.

All-star execs 2009

CB staff pored over financial data and debated the challenges and successes of Canada’s top companies to create our 8th annual dream team of executive talent.

Bosses: Mastering the fine art of managing up

Do you work for a yeller, a whiner, a shirker or a credit stealer? How to outflank a difficult boss.

Investment risk: Examining the ?run-length effect?

Thanks to the ‘run-length effect,’ when most investors use graphs to assess risk, they’re doing it wrong.

Style: The shoulder pad index

In any era, the bigger the economic burden resting on women’s shoulders, the bigger the shoulders.

Travel: Post-recession optimism in New York City

What to do and where to go in a city reinventing itself.

The Performer: Former chief of defence Rick Hillier

On ?ruthless’ prioritizing, guarding your credibility above all, and learning to always make use of a good crisis.