Table of Contents

Canada in 2020 – Markets: Connect the thoughts

Thomas Homer-Dixon on the meltdown, carbon and the scary, promising future.

Canada in 2020 – Oil: Crude awakening

The oil age is finally coming to end, says Brookfield’s Jim Gray. What comes next will surprise you.

Canada in 2020 – Ethanol: The new alchemists

Is the quest for better ethanol leading us down the garden path?

Canada in 2020 – Alternative energy: Out of juice?

The alternative energy industry is booming. Just not in Canada. What can the country do to recharge a power surge?

Canada in 2020 – Energy: Going dutch

A wealth fund could help stave off long-term malaise, but Canada has more short-term needs.

Canada in 2020 – Environment: Dirty realities

What are Canada’s industrial polluters doing to reduce emissions?

Canada in 2020 – Energy: Mr. Clean

Canadian Nicholas Parker is at the forefront of a low-carbon, high-profit tech movement.

Canada in 2020 – Emissions: Cloudy skies

Corporate Canada wants a firm, long-range plan on how to deal with greenhouse-gas emissions.

Canada in 2020 – Environment: The long view

Roberta Bondar’s unique vision of science, the need for education, and more.

Canada in 2020 – Tax: The carbon equation

Rejecting a carbon tax for cap-and-trade is just bad policy.

Canada in 2020 – Agriculture: Grow-ops

Canadian farmers have a chance to climb up the global food chain.

Canada in 2020 – Investing: Up on the farm

The idea of investing in Saskatchewan agricultural land isn’t as crazy as it seems.

Canada in 2020 – Food: The quality revolution

Mass production and increased hazards are fast changing the dinner plate.

Editor’s note: How deep is the rabbit hole?

The current financial crisis only makes the job of addressing Canada’s long-term challenges all the more important.

Canada in 2020 – Environment: Volunteers needed

There’s a big role for smaller players in CO2 reduction.