Table of contents

From the editor: The fruits of failure

True entrepreneurs know that failure is not an end but a means to future success. Turning your mistakes into assets is really just a question of attitude.

House calls: There’s no place like home

Forget excursions to the mall, the bank or the nail salon. Today’s consumers want you to come to them ??? and business is booming for companies that do house calls.

Housing’s comeback

How to cash in on the rebound in new construction.

Online shopping: By invitation only

Consumers want cheap luxury. Luxury brands want a way to clear out excess goods. Enter online shopping clubs.

Marketing: A super way to sell more

How a small, but growing number of firms are escaping the paradox of marketing features and benefits alone.

Instant MBA

The wrong way to reward your team for a job well done.

Franchising: Cleaning up in cleanups

A U.S. franchisor sees room for a new kind of player in Canada’s post-disaster property-restoration sector.

Social networking: Calling for customers

Sprouter is a new Canadian player in the hot business of connecting entrepreneurs through online social networking. Will it bloom before its seed capital dries up?

Mobile: Pour yourself an iBeer

The App Economy has huge potential for Canadian software entrepreneurs — and a lesson for manufacturers, too.

Crash & Learn

How successful entrepreneurs profit from failure (and how to avoid it in the first place).

Seller’s remorse

The sale of your business should be a call for wild celebration. But serious regret is the real outcome for a significant number of sellers. Here’s what can go wrong, and how to avoid it.

Secrets of the sunshine girl

Cora Tsouflidou’s company is a role model for franchisors who want to deliver service with a smile. But is it good enough to make it in the U.S.?

Sizing up your sale price

The value of companies fell sharply during the recession. So, how much would your firm fetch if you were to sell it today?

Web videos: Polished? No. Powerful? You bet.

More companies are using Internet video to get their message accross.

Franchising: Can’t we all just get along?

It’s not always sweetness and light between franchisors and franchisees. Advisory councils can prevent common tensions from breeding big conflicts.

Is the new EI for you?

Canada’s self-employed finally have access to some employment insurance benefits. For many, it won’t have been worth the wait.

Company culture: Invisible weapon

Grooming a positive company culture could be the most cost-effective way to retain employees and boost profits. Here’s how one entrepreneur does it.

Selling after the slump

PROFIT’s expert panel reveals how to motivate today’s cautious clients, independent sales reps and everyday employees.

Business decision: Whitewater managing

How much time should you take to make key business decisions? It’s impossible to answer — but you still have to try.

Ask the Legends: Chip Wilson

The man who turned the masses on to yoga reveals the key to Lululemon’s successful startup, how he finds great employees and why his real goal is changing the world, not making money.