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Editor’s note: New era for Canadian Business magazine

Rest assured, recent changes at Canadian Business will continue the magazine’s tradition of greatness.

Oil: How Addax won the Iraq war

It didn’t come easily, but a Canadian company ? headquartered in Calgary and traded on the TSX ? struck black gold where many others have failed: one of the most dangerous places on earth.

Oilpatch: Who you calling ‘Junior’?

It’s been a rough year for many in the oilpatch, but for these five rising stars, the future has never looked brighter.

Environment: Carbon crapshoot

Capturing CO2 is our best (and only) plan to fight climate change. But it won’t be easy.

Food: Fields of gold

The world food crisis is front and centre on Bay Street’s radar.

Telecom: Wireless wonder boy

Anthony Lacavera wants to shake up the mobile-phone business in Canada. But does he have what it takes?

Earl Jones: Who’s in charge?

The Earl Jones scandal unleashes more confusion.

Advertising: A public divorce

Cossette’s founders disagreed on how to build the iconic ad agency. Now comes the custody battle.

Livent: Exit, stage left

The Livent trial comes to an end ? with jail time.

Olympic chill

The Olympics should mean big business for Vancouver’s hotels. But it isn’t turning out that way.

Forestry: Provincial power play

Newfoundland’s seizure of Abitibi’s assets can only end badly.

Securities regulation: Two steps back

Canadian investors need tougher securities enforcement.

Debt: It’s big in Japan

America’s fiscal hole isn’t the scariest.

RIM: Oh, Canada?

Why Jim Balsillie is suddenly waving the flag.

Branding: Back to basics

Do low-tier brand-name items help or hinder?

High-frequency trading: System error

Stock-trading supercomputers make markets riskier.

The CEO Poll: Foreign callers

Execs believe the feds should review Swedish company’s Nortel deal.

Executive compensation: A say on pay

Canadian investors will soon be voting on exec packages.

Made in Ontario

Two small-town hockey-loving Canadians make good on the world nutritional stage.

Pensions: The money shift

Top court ruling allows companies to use defined pension surpluses.

Q&A: Alberta Investment Management Corp.’s Leo de Bever

The new head of AIMCo, Alberta’s government sponsored pension fund, talks about the volatility in energy prices and more.

Live & Learn: Robert Quartermain

The Silver Standard CEO on his roots in geology, getting started without owning a suit, and his philosophy of business.

Foreign acquisitions: Under further review

Foreign acquisition rules are getting muddier.

How to … lay off employees

Three tips to make sure you do this difficult task with dignity and respect.