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Economic conditions: Seven cities in seven days

From Stephenville to Prince George to Yellowknife, businesses and workers are dealing with the worst economic climate in decades. But there are pockets of hope, and while some are cautiously optimistic and others are fearful, recession weighs on everyone’s mind. Canadian Business shows you what the statistics don’t in our cross-Canada checkup.

Alberta recession: Taking a breather

Fort Mac is playing catch-up until the oilpatch revs up again.

Auto sector: Kenny’s last stand

The new CAW leader is fighting a rearguard action to save an industry in decline.

Business fraud: Two bad pennies

A computer deal gone bad. One man’s long and expensive fight to get his money back.

Bank bailouts: Insufficient funds

Will London-based Barclays Bank need a helping hand from Her Majesty’s Treasury?

Livent trial: Encore!

The Livent drama is far from over, as a host of other legal dramas come to the surface.

The CEO Poll: Fair play

Canadian business leaders give widespread approval to changes to the Competition Act.

Satellite SMS: Help from above

No cellphone coverage? No problem. A new satellite tracking system is making outdoor work easier.

Capitalism: Not dead yet

Reports of the death of capitalism are likely premature. And the era of government largesse is bound to be short-lived.

Luxury goods: Bling sting

Hey, big spender: where’d you go?

Stock markets: Spring fling

Or should investors beware the Ides of March?

Competition Act: A new playground

Companies can expect more expenses because of the updated Competition Act.

R&D: Copy that

Xerox is reaping the rewards of giving customers a peek at its once secret R&D efforts.

Brand strategy: Don’t go changing

A downmarket message can backfire even in tough times.

Leadership succession: Who’s on deck?

Do not take your eyes off next-generation leaders.

Editor’s note: AIG focus misses the mark

The bonus mess feeds the insidious notion that there’s something rotten in the state of all business.

Editorial: On trade, go global

The upcoming G20 meeting provides a perfect opportunity to revive trade talks, and Canada should lead.

Editorial: With help like this …

The CAW didn’t create the financial crisis, but it’s not doing enough to help GM — or taxpayers — get out of it.

Live & Learn: Peter Lougheed

Alberta’s former premier and pro football player looks back on a life in politics and extols the virtues of public service.

Q&A: Former Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin

The former prime minister and co-founder of the G20 talks about the challenge of China, managing an investment fund and more.