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The best places to do business in Canada 2008

Despite rising costs and the ascent of our loonie, our cities still have advantages. We rank the Top 40 cities to do business in our annual guide, and offer an in-depth look at three cities and Canada’s decaying infrastructure.

Mortgages: Easy money

How one Canadian got mixed up in the U.S. mortgage meltdown.

Corporate breakups: Grounds for divorce

The market loves breakups, and corporate Canada is getting the message.

Innovation: The next great Canadian idea

An extraction system tops our search for brilliant inventions.

Networking: Cheers, Calgary

The four hottest spots on the after-work circuit.

Public safety: Listerionomics

Inside Canada’s tainted meat scandal.

Real estate: About the Benjamins

Why investors are fuming about real estate developer Royal Indian Raj.

Retailing: On a mission

Ginch Gonch wants you to get rid of your tighty whities.

Politics: Green Shift sees red

The company says Liberals stole its name.

Oilsands: Fowl play

Syncrude sues Greenpeace for break-in.

The CEO Poll: Who’s the best man?

Poll says: John McCain.

Mining: Silver lining?

B.C. forestry’s troubles may aid mining.

Finance: SPAC-tacular!

While these new(ish) “blank cheque” vehicles might be just the thing for moguls, investors should tread carefully.

Food: Inside the lunch box

Why consumers will still pack cold cuts.

Russia: A new Cold War

Markets shouldn’t ignore tensions between Russia and the West.

Get a grip

Why does most securities enforcement and regulation rest on conflicted SROs and ad hoc committees?

Managing: Let’s all play the naming game

Want to understand your business, but don’t know where to start? When all else fails, try categories.

Education: One step back

Sometimes returning to school is the best way to take your career forward.

A better mousetrap

A new online service is connecting large companies to the right business problem solvers.

Exporting: Fries with that?

A Canadian fast-food chain continues to expand east — the Far East.

Careers: Look, it’s Supermen!

Behind every great woman, a great man.

Editor’s note: Will politicians discuss the election’s key issue?

It’s the economy, stupid.

Editorial: Suburbia unbound

Are urban smart-growth initiatives all that smart?

Editorial: Leaders not found

Canada desperately needs leadership, but don’t look to Ottawa for it.

Q&A: Pitney Bowes’ Murray Martin

Being Canadian helps CEO deliver results.

Live & Learn: Heather Reisman

The book maven and philanthropist talks about literacy, morality and the impact on publishing of the digital age.