Table of Contents

The most influential people in business

An A-to-almost-Z guide to the 25 industry leaders, financiers and policy personnel who help steer Canada’s business affairs.

Teck Resources: Back from the brink

In an exclusive interview, Teck Resources’ Don Lindsay talks about saving the company.

Mexico: NAFTA ‘s third amigo

Despite its troubles, Mexico still offers opportunities.

Green technology: Coming clean

The search is on for the best in green tech with the launch of the Clean 15 competition.

Economics: Peak-nik

Former CIBC chief economist Jeff Rubin has a habit of proving his critics wrong. Now, with his controversial new book, Why Your World Is About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller, can he do it again?

Budget oversight: The pit bull

As the government-hired watchdog over your money, Kevin Page is tough, tenacious, outspoken. No wonder some in Ottawa want him muzzled.

Trade: Pig-bitin’ mad

While some countries, such as China, ban imported hogs for fear of swine flu, the United States seems to be doing it for other reasons altogether.

Accounting standards: For what it’s worth

Regulators are softening accounting rules for troubled assets. But policymakers should beware the easy way out.

Social media: Grub guru

How Frito Lay got social-media marketing right with its Doritos Guru campaign.

Manufacturing: Dorel on a roll

2009 won’t be a cakewalk, but the Montreal-based manufacturer and distributor has held its own. Here’s how.

The CEO Poll: Ignatieff vs. Harper

Who do Canadian CEOs think is most capable on the issues that really matter: the prime minister or his would-be successor?

Leadership: Ten is a crowd

Companies too often use teams in all the wrong situations.

Computing: Seeing things

A Canadian tries to change the face of computing after 25 years of the same old look.

H1N1 virus: A plan for the worst

The swine flu crisis may be waning, but that’s no time to let your guard down.

Editorial (E-commerce): E-Idiocy

A proposed anti-spam law would chill e-commerce and hobble Canadian competitiveness.

Editorial: When green isn’t great

Ontario’s new Green Energy Act looks noble, at least at first glance. But the devil, as always, is in the details.

Q&A: CI Financial Corp. CEO Bill Holland

The head of one of Canada’s largest investment funds on the industry post-crisis, bank stress tests and more.

Live & Learn: Harley Hotchkiss

The oil-patch veteran and hockey team owner on the changing nature of oil exploration and the unifying power of Canada’s national sport.

Diversity: Women wanted

Diversity wins, so why isn’t everyone in the pool?

How to … survive a new boss

Three tips to help you deal with new management.

Pursuit (Baseball): Bay watch

The pride of Trail, B.C., has slugged his way to the top.

Pursuit (Skin care): Wrinkle resistance

Looking old is never good business.

Pursuit (Drinks): Swiss treat

You won’t get any Bull at Zurich’s Widder Bar.