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Editor’s letter: The more ideas on climate change, the better

The reality is, what we don’t know about climate change still far outweighs what we do.

Opinion: A quirky plague has hit the advertising business

Conventional brands are suddenly looking to get weirder. But for the most part, stability is a selling feature — weirdness isn’t.

Opinion: Magna, GM and Opel: A bad idea, badly executed

Competing head-to-head against its own customers was never going to be a great growth strategy for Magna.

Winners & Losers: Who’s up, who’s down

U2, Baby Buggys, Mega Brands, Intel, GM and more.

Climate change: Who’ll pay the climate bill?

On the eve of Copenhagen, a report on the cost of global warming sparks a firestorm.

Advertising: Cossette’s CEO is proving doubters wrong

Cossette’s CEO finds a buyer to trump rival co-founder Duffar’s bid for agency.

Entertainment: The secret of winning sequels

Academics find there’s as much science as art in following up one hit with another.

Retail: Shoppers re-embrace the logic of layaway

Credit may still be king. But a growing number of debt-wary shoppers and retailers are embracing the logic of layaway.

Financial services: Bay Street suffers a talent deficit

Shortage of experienced risk managers is so severe, it’s causing firms to lose business.

Investing: Do female execs drive better returns?

Women’s Leadership Fund built on belief that female execs drive better returns.

The CEO Poll: Who should fix the global economy?

Strategies debated by the G20 got mixed reviews from Canadian CEOs.

Art: The sudden demise of Ritchies Auctioneers

Few answers for creditors and consignors after Ritchies Auctioneers’ bankruptcy.

Aviation: The Twin Otter returns

The last Twin Otter was made in 1988. Now Viking Air is building them anew.

Running: Shoes that feel like bare feet

The shoeless movement is opening up a hot new market — and Nike is already there.

Personal transportation: A Segway you sit on

Does standing on a Segway sound too tiring? Honda’s U3-X has the solution.

The Ode: Geocities

When GeoCities first came online in 1994, it was revolutionary. Five years and $4.6 billion later, Yahoo pulled the plug.

Chrysler almighty!

Fiat has a radical plan to save Detroit’s weakest link. And it just might work.

Crime: Shooting down the honesty policy

Dozens of white-collar offenders are in prison due to an obscure U.S. statute. But is dishonesty really a crime?

Israel: Start-up nation

It has few people, no resources and lots of hostile neighbours — so how did Israel become a hotbed of entrepreneurism?

Mad Men and the art of stealth branding

AMC’s hit series has turned product placement into an art form — you never know when an ad is just an ad.

Book review: The audacity of hoping for a much better business strategy

Obama’s campaign guru shares the secrets to organizational success.

Investing: Are you getting too old to invest on your own?

A new study reveals that people’s financial judgment starts to slide after the age of 53.

Lunch boxes: the new executive status symbol

The latest models are green, economical, and they won’t leak all over your suit.

The Performer: Champion surfer Peter Devries

On competition, hometown pressure, and the advantage of being a pro surfer from Canada.

The Rich 100

Our 11th annual ranking of Canada’s wealthiest people