Table of contents

Rich 100: A decade of wealth

A look back at 10 years of poking and prodding into the lives of the rich.

Rich 100: Leaders by design

Creating lux homes for the rich pays off nicely for ex-Platinum Blonde guitarist Sergio Galli and partner Mehran Moeinifar.

Rich 100: One last fling?

The corporate jet set party before being grounded by financial reality.

Rich 100: Right-hand man

John Risley and property manager Forbes Rafuse share a devotion to pastoral life.

Rich 100: Ho ho hold the legacy

At 100, Leon’s Furniture still follows its founder’s way.

Rich 100: O captain! my captain!

Burger king Jack Cowin and yacht supervisor Phil Stevens treat each other as extended family.

Rich 100: Futura’s seer

Amar Doman sees interesting growth opportunities ahead.

Rich 100: Inside Irving

Canada’s second-richest family demystified.

Rich 100: Dollar man

Larry Rossy has built a retail fortune — one buck at a time.

Rich 100: Africa’s quiet revolution

Charles Sirois’s status as a high-tech luminary may have faded since the telecom boom went bust. But in some parts of Africa, he is a rising entrepreneurial star.

Rich 100: Fallen giants

The mighty Asper and Péladeau families face hard times.

Rich 100: Silver spoons

Rich kids head off to patent-leather boot camp.

Live & Learn: Edgar Bronfman

On being a rebel, the family heritage, and philanthropy.

The CEO Poll: Give and take

The ongoing financial crisis is hitting everyone, including charities