Table of Contents

Laurent Beaudoin interview: Déjà vu

Laurent Beaudoin contemplates life after Bombardier, again.

Grey power: On target

Businesses are discovering the value of marketing to older consumers.

Economic trends: Surviving the storm

Over the next decade, markets will head into uncharted waters. Can you keep your portfolio afloat?

U.S. real estate: A place in the sun

Phoenix?s desert charms come with mirages.

Medical tourism: The world is your hospital

Waiting too long for a medical procedure? Offshoring isn?t just for companies.

Olympics sponsorship: The value of gold

Is Beijing Olympics sponsorship worth the big money?

Livent trial: Whistleblower or manipulator?

The defence grills former Livent CFO Maria Messina.

Labour lawsuits: Time is money

Lawsuits for miserly bosses.

The CEO Poll: Hot air

Canadian business leaders blast Dion?s carbon tax plan.

Wireless: Why-max?

The wireless technology that would be king has a rival.

Financial reporting: Pass the buck

Government ministers are apathetic about serious accounting and securities flaws that affect Canadian investors.

Free trade: A baby step to the south

Does the Colombia FT A pass the sniff test?

Immigration: Work to do

Attracting immigrants is key, but the job doesn?t end there.

Investing: The book on Indigo

The bookseller could make for an exciting investment.

Securities regulation: Misguided

Securities regulation in Canada needs a complete overhaul.

Leadership: Just shut the hell up

A little less conversation could lead to a lot more communication.

Event sponsorship: Hitting the green

RBC steps up as title sponsor of the Canadian Open.

Social networking: Growing pains

Can social networking help Laughing Stock Vineyards?

Stock-trading behaviour: Risky Business

Excessive hormones can affect traders? behaviour.

Editor?s note: Looking ahead

What does the next 25 years have in store for energy and food prices?

Editorial: Competition at last?

The federal competition panel?s report should prompt a rethink of our anti-competitive ways. But it could have gone further.

Q&A: Crescent Point?s Scott Saxberg

The energy trust?s president and CEO on the discovery of a lifetime, royalty review fallout and why Saskatchewan is attracting tons of oil and gas dollars.

Live & Learn: Dragon?s Den?s Brett Wilson

The entrepreneur, philanthropist, sports investor and CBC?s new ?dragon?.

Insider: Mastering the future

The golden years for the youngest baby boomers look golden indeed.