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Editor’s letter: The Canada we want

Nobody wanted this economic crisis. But Canada at least has a chance to make the best of it.

Opinion: Now’s our chance to build Canada’s brand

Canada has never had a better opportunity to burnish its image, but we’re stuck in the National Geographic approach.

Opinion: Cancel the funeral, small business isn’t dead yet

Analysts and economists had everyone convinced the car business was toast. I figured the time was right to open a new dealership.

Winners & Losers: Who’s up, who’s down

Claude Doughty, France Telecom, Zenn, David Ho and more.

Media: Canwest’s long goodbye

Asset sales continue, but the prospect of a total restructuring looms larger still.

Financial services: Giving birth to a new kind of bank

One financial services firm in Iceland thrives by focusing on ‘feminine values’.

Oil and alcohol: Too potent a mix

Oilpatch workers seek help for substance abuse 35% more often than the norm.

Real estate: New life for high-end condos

Left for dead a year ago, high-end condo projects are suddenly roaring to life.

Financial services: Defending Maples Finance

Cayman fund administrator called out by Obama hopes for quieter ride in Montreal.

The CEO Poll: Preparing for the big flu

Business leaders think employers are prepared for H1N1.

Rural dating services

After trade wars and climate change, what’s the biggest threat to the ag economy? Single farmers. Enter rural dating services.

Autos: My Hummer, right or wrong

H2 buyers don’t hate the planet — they just love their country more.

Taxation: HST makes strange alliances

Ontario’s and B.C.’s plans to adopt the HST are producing some strange alliances.

Life blogging: A record of every day of your life …

‘Life blogging’ will make lying impossible. Scary, yes. But you’re already doing it.

The new light bulb

The search for a better light bulb may be over. The winner isn’t what you’d think.

The Ode: AK-47 maker Ishmash

Kalashnikov invented the infamous AK-47 for small-arms manufacturer Izhmash. The company was eventually crushed by the popularity of its own weapon.

Flu Inc.

Inside the new business of fear

How Google does it

The secret behind the success of tech’s great innovator.

Government: Staying the course

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty on the economy, Michael Ignatieff and what ‘fiscal conservative’ means.

Cities: Is the ‘dirty city’ an urban legend?

An excerpt from New Yorker staff writer David Owen’s new book, Green Metropolis.

Autos: Not all compacts suck

The trend toward smaller cars has many yearning for more power and style. But not all compacts suck.

Book review: The seven habits of highly self-destructive companies

How Kodak and other blinkered giants hastened their own demise.

Work: Pardon me, friend, but you’re in my job

Navigating the awkward social ramifications of ‘bumping’ another employee out of a job.

Mapping out a prenup

The Question: I’m about to get married for the second time. How do I ensure that my children and my new wife won’t ever have to duke it out over my estate after I’m gone?

Travel: Tokyo

How to schmooze in Tokyo among Japan’s design elite.

The Performer: Choreographer Aszure Barton

On discipline, stage fright, and never letting reviews get to you &151; even the good ones.

Canada in 2020

CB’s exclusive Prosperity Potential Index ranks developed countries on their ability to create strong economies in the years to come.

Canada in 2020 (Trade): From Russia with love

Global warming is good news for companies and politicians looking to build Churchill into a central trading hub.

Canada in 2020 (Energy): The land of plenty

Oil hogs the headlines, but natural gas will also play a huge role in Canada’s energy future.

Canada in 2020 (Education): The kids who fell between the cracks

Canada’s education system gets top marks, but the system doesn’t work for everyone.

Canada in 2020 (Demographics): The Baby Boomers’ $1-trillion legacy

Canada did a great job digging itself out of debt. Too bad the boomers are going to put us back into the red.

Canada in 2020 (Technology): Why Canada needs to have its own tech czar

A high-level government leader could spearhead tech strategies to make Canada more competitive.