Table of contents

Recession strategy: The playbook

Making the right decisions during a recession can be daunting, but if you have a few strategies in your pocket, you just might emerge as a winner and be ahead of the game once the good times return.

Government: In search of the real Harper

Has the PM really pulled the ultimate about-face?

Economic stimulus: The big spend

The Harper government hopes its latest budget will kick-start the economy.

Wal-Mart: Counter intuitive

How Wal-Mart Canada plans to thrive in tough times.

Visionary leaders

They can inspire, but companies must remain pragmatic.

Blame America

Will the U.S. stimulus bill provoke a global trade war?

Central banks: Given too much credit

Our monetary policy may be seriously flawed.

The CEO Poll: An unlevel playing field

Canadian business leaders are wary of U.S. protectionism.

The IMF’s big chill

But optimism survives growth update.

Economic recession: Battle royale

Two great minds of the 20th century on the best way to manoeuvre out of the world’s current economic situation.

Economic recession: Name that downturn

Reset? Depression? The current economic slump is in need of a snappy name.

Stock-picking: Building your portfolio

Infrastructure stocks seem to be a good bet, but patience is in order.

China: Eastern promises

Canadian companies may capitalize on transportation and agribusiness.

Ponzi schemes abound

Hedge fund manager Bernie Madoff may not be the biggest swindler out there.

Women executives: Not picture perfect

A lack of vision may be holding female execs down on the corporate ladder.

All seats must go

Is slashing ticket prices right?

Importing: No dumping

Being undercut by underpriced imports? Maybe an injunction can help.

Management skills: Quitting time

Bad managers are forcing good people to leave.

Editorial (Economic stimulus): A spending spree

Sure, some stimulus money is justified. But throwing money at cruise ships is going way overboard.

Editorial: A regulator regulates

As a national securities regulator seems ever more likely, the OSC finally shows it can get tough on enforcement.

Q&A: Stockholm, Sweden’s Irene Svenonius

Stockholm, Sweden’s chief executive office explains how her country became a leader in reducing GHG emissions and an economically competitive success.

Live & Learn: Marshall Cohen

The ex Molson CEO on what he would do differently if he could do it again, government policy-making and the superiority of wine over beer.