Table of Contents

Stock-picking: Canada’s newest billionaire

Eric Sprott has made a fortune being a contrarian, nosing out hot stocks and snapping them up ahead of the curve. Now you can get a piece of the action — provided you don?t mind going against the grain.

Livent trial: Act I

The prosecution presents its case in the Livent courtroom drama.

Oilsands: ‘We gotta do a better job’

Everyone’s talking about the oilsands these days. Now longtime Suncor top boss Rick George tells his side of the story.

Commodity prices: Gas fumes

Politicians decry soaring prices as consumers feel the strain. But a larger problem looms.

Environment: Man on emission

John McCain joins U.S. presidential rivals in acknowledging climate change.

The CEO Poll: Trade woes

Canadian business leaders blame high dollar, high taxes for export decline.

Genetically modified crops: Frankenfood?s revenge

The global food shortage spawns fertile market conditions for genetically modified crops.

Energy prices: Oily politics

As consumers grapple with energy prices, Canada’s leaders need to start practising sound economics ? not just populism.

Microfinance loans: Big business

These small loans have grown.

Female leaders: The paternal cycle

Female CEOs are still a rare sight at many of Canada?s public companies.

Outsourcing: A nutty idea

Macadamian uses local customer knowledge and foreign-based development labs to maintain a competitive edge in the software business.

Rogue trader: Leeson?s lessons

Rogue trader proves crime does pay, but advises others not to try it.

Family-owned firms: Family planning

Good help is hard to find, but keeping family in the business may not be the best idea.

Editorial: Food fight

With the world grappling with major food price inflation, it?s time to rethink biofuel incentives.

Editorial: Carbon ? A hot commodity?

Governments? lack of direction on creating a viable carbon market could mean losing a big opportunity.


Q&A: Branding experts Jeannette Hanna and Alan Middleton

The co-authors of Ikonica: A Field Guide to Canada’s Brandscape argue Canadian brands are flourishing here and abroad.

Live & Learn: Caryn Lerner

The Holt Renfrew fashion mogul on finding your passion, leadership and the retail biz.

Pursuit (Drinks): Top of the pops

London’s champagne bars take you to dizzying heights.

Pursuit (Beer) Brewed awakenings

InBev?s ambassador finds a place to sleep in the air.

Pursuit (Travel): The blue lagoon

There?s nothing cooler than a dip in an arctic hot spring.

Pursuit (Kayaking): Walking on water

Canadaâ??s best gold medal hope may be a kayaker.