Table of Contents

Finance: Peak performer

Following the purchase of Lehman Bros., Jerry del Missier may climb BarCap’s corporate ladder to the top and prove himself a worthy successor to Britain’s most celebrated banker.

Markets: The great deleveraging

How the nightmare on Wall Street got started.

Livent: Photo op

A presidential snapshot is the subject of dramatic testimony at the Livent trial.

Politics: Why these elections matter

McCain-Obama may be a horse race. Canada’s vote may be a watershed.

Oilsands (Book excerpt): Canada’s oil rush

How Alberta’s tarsands grew much bigger than anyone ever expected.

Entertainment: To live and thrive in L.A.

How Shereen Arazm became queen of L.A. nightlife.

Innovation: The next great Canadian idea

An extraction system tops our search for brilliant inventions.

Entertainment: The last ingredient

Can Cookie Jar Group complete its recipe for success?

Entertainment: Screen time

Ari Lantos and Brian Mosoff want to entertain you.

Entertainment: Port in the storm

Can Filmport survive the bad weather?

Financial crisis: Nightmare on Wall Street

The week that rocked financial markets around the world.

The CEO Poll: Hot air

Canadian business leaders on global warming and carbon tax.

Airlines: Defying gravity?

Canadian carriers buck the global trend.

Tax reform: Does it add up?

In this election campaign, both major parties are talking tax reform. But they’re not talking the kind of reform we need the most.

Sovereign wealth funds: Paper tigers make nice

The bogeymen of capitalism get a new code.

Investing: Risk and reward

Investing in local emerging-market bonds isn’t for the faint-hearted, but it might yield better returns.

Stock analysts: Sense and consensus

Consensus earnings estimates appear optimistic indeed.

Communications: Faster and shorter

Instant messaging is slowly becoming legitimate in the corporate world.

Golf: Language trap

Did the LPGA’s attempt to anglicize all its players cross the line?

Environment: Green counting

Procter & Gamble learns the hard way that it isn’t easy trying to be more eco-friendly.

Tech support: Don’t panic

Servicing your computer just got a whole lot easier.

Editorial: It’s the economy

Real tax reform is getting short shrift.

Editorial: Handcuffing capitalism

A recent short selling ban might be a case of the cure being worse than the disease.

Q&A: Google’s Patrick Pichette

Former BCE executive talks about becoming the online giant’s CFO.

Live & Learn: Nancy Hughes Anthony

The CEO and president of the Canadian Bankers Association on minority governments and how Canadians really feel about their banks.

Pursuit (Basketball): On the rebound

Canada’s other NBA star looks to bounce back.

Pursuit (Travel): The lonely diner

Feasting with the ghosts of Russia past.

Pursuit (Travel): The travelling Godfather

Maybe Dan Tullio can do you a favour.

Pursuit (Travel): Bull riding

Exploring Thailand on an elephant is the only way to ride.

Pursuit (Grooming): Greening the manscape

Environmentally friendly products for men have come a long way.

Pursuit (Audio): Speakers as art

You care about how your clothes and your furniture look. Now turn your stereo system into a work of art that sounds even better than it looks.

Pursuit (Drinks): The Rich Margarita

You’ll see more than fancy drinks at El Danubio.