Table of contents

The Tech 100 2009

Our annual ranking of the country’s top publicly traded tech companies, listed by market capitalization.

Innovation: What’s next?

Five tech plays that are ready for prime time.

Great Canadian Innovation Competition

Our judges have chosen three finalists.

Clean energy: FIT to be tried

Ontario’s green act will encourage clean energy — at a price.

Pharmaceuticals: A doggone shame

Vets have effectively cornered the retail market for pet drugs.

Digital media: The puzzle master

Open Text’s chairman, Tom Jenkins, is piecing together a national digital media strategy.

Banking: Islam waits

As Ottawa mulls licences for Islamic-focused banks, is Canada falling behind?

Litigation: Russian standoff

In the legal battle between Alex Shnaider and Michael Shtaif, neither side is giving an inch.

Shell: Shifting sands

How Shell lost the goodwill of stakeholders.

Auto bailout: Why the plan won’t work

The move to save jobs and GM will likely do neither.

Cooking with IFRS

Canada is moving full steam ahead to implement new reporting standards, while the U.S. drags its heels. Why bother?

Entrepreneurs: Small is difficult

SMEs try to adapt to new realities.

Growth strategies: Trading time

Ondine’s founder mortgages the company’s present for better results and profits in the future.

Agriculture: To market, to market

A farmland play promises fat returns.

Auto investing: Clap one hand

Hold the standing “O” for ZENN Motor’s latest milestone.

The CEO Poll: On black gold

The CEOs weigh in on peak oil and the cost of the energy source.

Employee morale: A Googly eye

Tech titan uses algorithm to reveal who is an unhappy employee.

Celebrity rehab

Why it will be easier for a dog killer to return to polite society sooner than some think.

Leadership: Five steps of failure

Management guru Jim Collins has figured out why companies crumple.

Editor’s note: The IT industry needs federal help

Why isn’t Ottawa doing more to help the Canadian IT industry?

Editorial: Meet the new boss

Forcing automaker bondholders to take a bad deal will hurt the next time a troubled company needs a loan.

Editorial: Change the channel

Consumers shouldn’t foot the bill because television companies decided to get into less profitable businesses.

Q&A: Menova Energy president Dave Gerwing

The president and founder of Menova Energy Inc. on working with Wal-Mart and why securing VC financing is a waste of time.

Live & Learn: Margot Micallef

The entrepreneur, lawyer and philanthropist on the Canadian broadcasting system, the CRTC and the joy of ranching.