Table of contents

Editor’s letter: Why an MBA still makes sense

Canada needs your skills just as much as we need nurses, teachers and scientists.

Opinion: Canada’s age of ‘water wealth’

In the competition for human capital, Canada with its surfeit of food, energy and water, offers that which is most sought after — stability.

Winners & Losers

Jim Flaherty, Dollarama, Polaroid, Silvio Berlusconi and more.

Social media: How to stop blogger payola

FTC orders bloggers to come clean about taking payoffs from advertisers.

Telecom: Bell and Telus join the smartphone revolution

A bad bet on technology left Bell and Telus under-equipped for the smartphone revolution. But they’re finally catching up.

Economy: Envying the economic outlook Down Under

Our economies are similar, but Canada can only envy Australia’s overall outlook.

Ivanhoe: Making it big in outer Mongolia

Against all odds, Robert Friedland’s latest gold and copper mine looks like it’s a go.

Mining: Power play on the Prairies

Athabasca Potash’s board wanted a new CEO. They got their way, then got the boot.

Video gaming: A virtual coming out?

Newest title in Grand Theft Auto series challenges homophobic gamer culture.

Marketing: Toyota’s terror-able ad campaign

Toyota may have Punk’d itself with its creepy 2008 Matrix campaign.

Agriculture: Saving Canada’s heritage chicken

A plan to save Canada’s only heritage chicken is a poultry lover’s delight.

The CEO Poll: Time to end the stimulus party

Business leaders say federal stimulus spending should be halted.

Energy conservation: Charging cars for pennies

By using wasted power, smart grids can charge electric cars for 42 a night.

Tablet computing: The next iHit?

The blogs are abuzz about Apple’s new tablet device. What’s true — and what’s not.

The Ode: Jolt Cola

Jolt was the first energy drink, with all the sugar and twice the caffeine. But it was disguised as a cola, and by the time it rebranded, Monster and Red Bull dominated.

Media: The fall of an empire

Bad luck and debt crushed Canwest. Now comes the effort to salvage something from the wreckage.

Graphic novels: Canadian splendour

How Quebec’s Drawn & Quarterly became a global powerhouse in the unlikely realm of graphic novels.

Politics: The long haul

Michael Ignatieff says you can’t trust the Harper government’s economic projections. And that’s not all the bad news he has for you.

Selling: The downside of overnight success

What do Megan Fox, Crocs and Krispy Kreme have in common? They’re all victims of their own success.

Book reviews: An inside look at the economic collapse

Sorkin’s dramatic telling of the economic collapse unfolds like a thriller.

The best iPhone apps for business

How to track expenses, monitor your sales team and master the ‘Onassis’ know — all from the palm of your hand.

Education savings: Getting a late start on the college fund

The Question: My son is 14 years old, and I haven’t saved a penny for his education yet. I’m starting to panic. What should I do?

Travel: Barcelona

Talking climate change in Spain’s modernist mecca.

The Performer: Architect Jack Diamond

On innate talent, the importance of substance over flash, and how soup can really bring colleagues together.