Table of contents

Editor’s letter: No more looking back

I’ve hit my limit on crisis post-mortems and not quite ready to celebrate the guys who got spectacularly rich by betting on disaster.

Opinion: Why Canadian advertising could soon be obsolete

Marketers dread the words ‘worldwide realignment’ ? shorthand for creating as little original advertising as possible.

Opinion: The importance of not being earnest in business

While it’s not enough just to be a joker, making people smile will help you establish a place in their hearts as well as their minds.

Winners & Losers: Who’s up, who’s down

Wyrd Sisters, Bono, Blockbuster, carbon trading and more.

France: The honeymoon is over

French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s pro business reform agenda is breaking down.

Energy: Power failure in New Brunswick

After the Hydro-Québec fiasco, Shawn Graham’s political future looks dim.

Data deluge is a legal time bomb

Archaic search technology has turned e-disclosure into a corporate nightmare.

Security: The secret shipping news

Intelligence services use import manifests to help clients identify consumer trends and keep track of rival products.

Futures markets go Hollywood

With credit in a crunch, futures markets allow film studios to sell themselves short.

Mobile apps: A new tech bubble

With 100,000 iPhone apps on the market, is there any money left to be made?

Search engines: Could China be a boon for Bing?

As Google pulls out, Microsoft faces a delicate challenge in a red-hot market.

Chuck E.’s in trouble

An alarming number of violent incidents occur at the kids’ pizza chain.

Gen-X CEO leaves WestJest

Sean Durfy says he quit as head of WestJet to spend time with his family. For real.

The CEO Poll: Long slog ahead for home prices

CEOs predict years of sluggish growth for residential real estate prices.

Telecom: Dumb-pipe dreams

Profits from high-value services are down, but wireless providers are adapting.

Rypple: Instant feedback

A new Twitter-like service lets you solicit colleagues for praise, or criticism.

The Ode: Core Digital (1994?2010)

At its peak, it was the biggest effects shop in the country. But for the Ontario government, it wasn’t too big to fail.

The truth about Toyota

There is more hype than fact driving the recall panic. But that doesn’t deter Canada’s politicians.

Digital copyright: Nation of pirates

It has been 13 years since Canada signed a global treaty on copyright. So why are we still international outlaws?

The ghost of Gordon Gekko

Why Oliver Stone’s 1987 jeremiad ruined Wall Street films forever.

Ice cream headache

Last fall, the Chapman’s Ice Cream factory in Markdale, Ont., burned to the ground. Mere months later, the beloved family-owned company is raising itself from the ashes and staging an improbable comeback.

Michael Lewis interview: The big fix

Bestselling author Michael Lewis on how too much testosterone and too little accountability nearly destroyed the global economy.

Trust temptation

The income-trust tax kicks in soon. Get in now and you could score a deal.

The Performer: Christopher Plummer

On the joys of work and fine bourbon, the perils of retirement, and leadership lessons from the Bard.

Book review: Why the Amish succeed in business

Why Amish businesses succeed twice as often as the average startup.

Co-workspaces: No colleagues? Why you should consider renting some

As self-employment rises, co-workspaces are offering a popular alternative to the lonely home office.

Why meditation has a place in business

Mindfulness is being championed by a growing number of high-powered firms, including Google.

Travel: St. John’s, Nfld.

Nothing says springtime like St. John’s and Michael Bublé.

E-books: Kobo’s bid to kill Kindle

Indigo launches its new e-book, but the online store is the real attraction.