Table of contents

Real estate: Is this a buying opportunity?

Prices are low. Money is cheap. But real estate investors still need to be mindful of where they are putting their money in this climate of uncertainty as we wait for the housing market to rebound.

South American real estate: Sun spots

Real estate may be cooling here, but it’s heating up way south.

Real estate investors: Secrets of my success

Real estate investing pros reveal how they manage their businesses today.

Gennum: Being big by design

Gennum is on the acquisition path. Its latest target: Canadian firm Tundra.

Oil industry: Empire of the sun

The $19-billion merger of Calgary-based oil-industry pioneers Suncor and Petro-Canada creates a giant.

Mining: Sh*t happens but you move on

The saga of a contaminated mine.

Auto bailout: Car trouble

Is Obama offering help, or what?

Livent: I told you so

A long-time Livent critic gets vindication.

The CEO Poll: A say on pay

Business leaders discuss compensation.

Alternative energy: The lithium deficit

Hybrid and electric cars need a boost.

U.S. markets: What recovery?

Recently, U.S. markets were acting like the worst of the economic news was behind them. But look again.

Investment trust: Land on Boardwalk

Boardwalk REIT might not be such a bad place to be.

Reform or perish

While the U.S. constantly rebuilds its regulatory framework, Canada is stuck in a time warp.

Leasing: Welcome back

Sale-leasebacks are gaining traction.

Corporate branding: Vanity plates

Branding an arena sounds like fun, but it doesn’t build corporate reputations.

Sales strategy: Funny business

How humour can be effective in unhappy times.

Jobs: On the clock

Job hunters don’t have much time to get back to work.

Editor’s note: Recessions and the lesson of experience

Most Canadians are optimistic about the economy. Half of Americans believe a depression is on the way. Who’s right?

Editorial (G20 meeting): Picture perfect?

Photo-op blunders aside, there was much to applaud from the G20 meeting. But the devil’s in the details.

Editorial (Taxes): Sweet harmony

Ontario took some hard knocks for harmonizing the provincial sales tax with the GST. But it was the right thing to do.

Q&A: Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall

Saskatchewan’s premier says his province is bucking the downward economic trend, so stop on by.

Live & Learn: Dick Evans

Rio Tinto Alcan’s ex-CEO talks about Canada’s biggest corporate takeover and says the current downturn isn’t yet the worst the mining sector has seen.

Insider: Bankruptcies in Canada

A look at bankruptcy rates in Canada. In this economy the numbers are rising — fast.