Table of Contents

From the editors: What’s new about Canadian Business

The new CB is as engaging, provocative, intelligent and entertaining as the country we call home.

Opinion: Crooks, black swans and the culture of vengeance

Sucking up to blind anti-business sentiment won’t make our markets any safer.

Opinion: How advertising became a conversation business

In the days of ‘Mad Men,’ marketers believed word of mouth was no match for a million dollars in network airtime. Not anymore.

Winners & losers: Who’s up, who’s down

Bluefin tuna, Kanye West, RIM, Michigan, Tesla Motors, Europe Facebook and more.

Mining: A Brazilian standoff at Inco

Mine owners plan to restart production, and strikers promise an all-out war.

Retail: Dreaming of a green Christmas

The holiday shopping season becomes an arms race retailers can’t afford to end.

Rare-earth metals: The new China syndrome

Is the Middle Kingdom’s hoarding of rare-earth metals a threat or an opportunity?

Telecom: Nortel’s final folly

The company’s best asset was supposed to sell for billions. What happened?

Art: Buddies in bad times

The tough economy is forcing galleries and museums to find new audiences like never before: pushing glitz and glamour, and sometimes even co-operating with rivals.

Television: Local (TV) hero

Channel Zero specializes in movies and porn. Their fix for CHCH? More news.

Economy: Our dangerous addiction to GDP

Did fixating on an overworked economic indicator make the recession worse?

Microbreweries: Small brewers, good fighters

Squeezed for shelf space and targeted by lawsuits, microbrewers aren’t going away.

The CEO Poll: Harper vs. Ignatieff

Most CEOs want a majority in their next Parliament.

What if the public designed a car …?

Like it or not, consumer-generated design has reached the automotive industry.

Mind-reading ads

Think contextual advertising on Google is creepy? You’ll hate what’s coming next.

The Ode: Blockbuster

Blockbuster drove the rise of home entertainment and provided a lucrative new distribution channel for Hollywood. But innovation wasn’t its strong suit.

Frank Stronach: Gambler

Canada’s auto-parts king is staking his empire on a struggling carmaker. Can this possibly end well?

Forensic accounting: Expenses

A booming industry is helping companies track every plane ticket, martini and paper clip. More than ever, a dubious receipt could mean your job.

Politics: Who’s best for business?

Is it Harper? Or Ignatieff? The answer could decide the next election.

Media: The great strawberry shortcake custody battle

Cookie Jar CEO Michael Hirsch will fight to the end to reclaim his title as Canada’s king of kids’ entertainment.

Inside the most dysfunctional union in sports

Lying, spying, backstabbing and paranoia: the NHL Players’ Union has it all — and it’s about to get a whole lot worse.

A man of influence: Thomas d’Aquino

For three decades, Thomas d’Aquino has fought for Canada’s growth and progress. Now, he’s ready to pass the torch.

Work relationships: Be a better executive mate

A new consulting company teaches couples how to excel at helping their high-powered partners excel.

Book reviews: The Cult of Steve

An Apple anthropologist probes the mind of the U.S.’s most totemic CEO.

Fashion retail: What Armani can learn from Hooters

Sports bars, strip clubs and electronics stores can teach retail experts a lot about the male fashion consumer.

Adviser advice

The question: How do I know that my adviser isn’t another Bernie Madoff?

The day the recession ended

Let the record show the rebound began the second Saturday in August.

Travel: Istanbul

How to experience Istanbul like a World Bank executive.

The Performer: Ernie Els

On luck, preparation, and the importance of controlling your emotions — at all times.

Fitness aids: Walk? Run? Jog?

How to improve your personal best — even if your best is that you haven’t started yet.