Table of contents

China’s turn (Intro)

Whether treading cautiously or making bold moves, dancing with the dragon is not for the fainthearted. We do the footwork for you in an in-depth look at where Canada stands with the world’s fastest-growing major economy.

China’s turn: Mission to China

We travel with a Canadian trade delegation as it meets with (limited) success.

China’s turn: Tales of the city

Four Canadians set the record straight about doing business in Hong Kong.

China’s turn: Dragon, but ?

Canada isn’t getting the investment from China it could. Other countries are eating our lunch. Is fear overtaking opportunity?

China’s turn: Religious revival

Buddhism is big business in China.

China’s turn: Red October

Chinese investors cope with harsh market realities.

China’s turn: Dreaming in Macau

There’s a lot riding on building a new Las Vegas.

Pensions: A golden retirement?

The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board takes a big hit from the stock market.

Philanthropy: Doubtful donors

Foundations are shaken by the market quake.

Retail: Down by the Bay

A Canadian retail icon tries to find its customer base.

Manufacturing: Trillium turmoil

Manufacturing woes have hit have-not Ontario hard. So what’s the plan, Premier McGuinty?

U.S. retail: Attention, shoppers!

This holiday season is none too festive.

Investing: Changing the accounting game

Political interference and fair-valuing financial assets: a primer for investors.

Foreign affairs: Saving face time

Knowing a few ancient secrets can make doing business in China a whole lot easier.

Web technologies: Being all a-Twitter

New web technologies are relevant, but harder to implement than businesses sometimes think.

Joint ventures: State of the unions

The ups and downs of sparking a joint venture.

Leadership: Big ego, big office

Narcissism pays well, but beware: it can be incredibly detrimental, too.

Editorial: Go east

Memo to Stephen Harper: Canada is missing a world of opportunity that awaits in China.

Editorial: A time for action

Given the grim economic outlook, Ottawa needs to act quickly ? and wisely ? to spur the economy.

Live & Learn: Maurice Strong

The ex-UN special envoy and former CEO of Ontario Hydro on China and the hostility of Stephen Harper?s government toward it.

Pursuit (Hockey): Scoring music

Boyd Devereaux has more on the go than just pro hockey.

Pursuit (Adventure): Things to do before you die

Mountain climbing is one thing. Scaling an iceberg is quite another.

Pursuit (Golf): A new way to swing

Uncovering those hidden gems gives golfers bigger bragging rights.

Pursuit (Flying):Master of his domain

L’Oréal Canada CEO takes the time to enjoy flying.

Pursuit (Audio): Tubular Bells

Vacuum-tube amps sound warm but look ultra-cool.

Pursuit (Drinks): Pulque with flavour

Historic Mexican booze gets a makeover.

Pursuit (Drinks): I love L.A.

A Standard bourbon completes the experience in La-La Land.