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Great Canadian Innovation Competition: Capital ideas

Canadians have innovative ideas. That’s why we’re teaming up with innovation consulting firm Nytric Ltd. of Mississauga, Ont., to try to get one idea off the table and into production. Find out how you can get in on the action.

VC financing: Cold realities

Looking for financing? Good luck in this market.

Venture capital: A modern Midas

Always the innovator, Alan Salzman is now betting big on green.

Carbon finance: The money trees

Carbon finance is a win-win for business and the environment.

Investment strategy: Southern charms

Canadian investors set their sights south.

Crime: Canac’s sting

The inside story of a corporate investigation gone horribly wrong.

Business subsidies: The loan arranger

A secretive federal fund comes out of the shadows.

Executive compensation: Bank slips

Financial CEOs reap millions while shareholders count their losses.

The CEO Poll: Fair trade

Business leaders weigh in on Canada-U.S. relations.

Alberta: Even cowboys get the blues

Alberta is especially hard hit by the latest downturn.

Rethinking EI

Real reform is desperately needed.

Retail: Tough sell?

How Canadian retail will fare in 2009.

Into Africa

It may be the last place investors would go in a global downturn. And that’s exactly why Africa’s worth a look.

Employee compensation: Money games

Mixing business and pleasure can pay off by helping to retain workers.

Flickr of the wrist

Using social media is one thing; using it effectively and following through is quite another.

Transfer pricing: Trading places

Multinational companies in Canada are finding out that a lucrative tax loophole — transfer pricing — is rapidly closing.

Leadership: Off the rails

Change-resistant leaders can side-swipe a company. But if they have the courage to innovate, it could just pay off.

Editor’s note: Beyond the bailout

What kind of economy do we want, and how are we going to foster a culture of innovation to get us there?

Editorial: Let’s get on with it

It is time for government to get smart about the economy — and take action, not just study it.

Editorial: Now that the honeymoon is over

The recent meeting between President Obama and Prime Minister Harper showed there’s more to be done.

Q&A: AbitibiBowater’s David Paterson

The paper manufacturer’s CEO on dealing with an unprecedented economic downturn, an expropriation fight in Newfoundland and the future of paper in the Internet age.

Live & Learn: Tony Franceschini

The departing CEO of engineering consultancy Stantec talks about the immigrant experience and explains the vision behind the company’s strategy.