Table of contents

Editor’s letter: It can’t all be about stargazing

Revolutionary thinking has to meet up with market reality if innovation is to be more than an empty buzzword.

Opinion: Now is the wrong time for fiscal frugality

Harper and Flaherty’s obsession with balancing the books will cost us our economic security tomorrow.

Opinion: Your people are your best assets — celebrate them

One of the main reasons people leave a job is that they are not listened to. Often they feel frustrated. It is rarely just about money.

The inflation head-scratcher

An IMF researcher argues higher inflation targets are useful in a financial crisis.

Does D.C. have it in for Toyota?

U.S. congressional inquiry raises concerns about the politics of ‘Government Motors’.

Laura Secord comes home

The chocolate chain is back in Canadian hands. But can they turn it around?

Potash forecast goes to pot

Saskatchewan government struggles with volatile resource-sector revenues.

Horsemeat crackdown

New EU regulations expected to depress prices of Canadian horsemeat.

Canada’s gold rush anomaly

‘Olympic Nostradamus’ didn’t anticipate all that gold, and plans to tweak his model.

Phone war heats up

With its lawsuit against HTC, Apple sees former ally Google as a new threat.

Iran turns on the charm for Africa

Threatened with UN sanctions, Tehran is courting developing nations for support.

Loyalty programs: Disloyalty rewards

Hilton’s devalued points program is an opportunity for other hotel chains.

The CEO Poll: Teach money basics in class

According to a survey of CEOs, financial literacy needs to be taught in schools.

Manga: Comic romance is big in Japan

Adapting its format to Japanese tastes, Harlequin succeeds in the manga business.

It’s not easy being green

When it comes to sustainability, image is (almost) everything.

The Ode: Hummer (1992-2010)

The beast was born when Schwarzenegger demanded a street-legal Humvee. When he converted his Hummers to alternative fuel, it was an ominous sign.

IBM: The company of the future

How IBM went from selling stuff to selling ideas.

Food: The DNA solution

Condemning genetically modified food is all the rage. But are we shutting down a technology that could feed the world?

Marketing: Dewing it alone

How the power of social networks could render traditional marketing departments obsolete.

Nano-medicine’s fantastic voyage

Nano-drugs are already here. Next up? Tiny robots that can repair your DNA

Air travel: Evolution in the sky

How innovative design, new materials and biofuels will keep air travel viable.

Inventions: Marketplace of the future

What products will we embrace in the years to come? How about disease-detecting chips, bikes with self-inflating tires and calorie-counters that live in your stomach.

Oilsands under attack

Alberta’s oilsands have an image problem, and Ottawa has had enough. Is the industry ready to clean up its act?

Books: How I brought down Madoff

In his thrilling new memoir, famed whistleblower Harry Markopolos details how he uncovered Madoff’s ponzi scheme — and why nobody would listen until it was too late.

The Performer: Canadian author and New Yorker staff writer Malcolm Gladwell

On curiosity, critics and resisting the temptation to write The Tipping Point for the Soul.

Book reviews: Weighing the desire for choice against our own limitations

Too many options — even banal ones — can take a toll. How to choose wisely.

Management: The new executive cool hunter

Companies need a chief culture officer (CCO) if they want to survive the ever evolving zeitgeist.

Is there a bond bubble?

Those predicting a bond bubble say our hunger for safety is, ironically, making bonds an unsafe bet.

Tips from Canadian squash champ Shahler Razik

Canada’s squash champ offers tips and recommends the best gear for improving your game.

Travel: Austin, Texas

Rocking out in cowboy country’s cultural capital.