Table of Contents

Financial crisis: The end of optimism

Shock waves from the financial sector are moving into the economy. As a result, doing business and managing money will be a challenge at every level. A look at how to lessen the difficulty of these turbulent times.

Financial crisis: How to deal

There are lessons from history in this crisis — and ways left for smart investors to gain.

Financial crisis: Rogues’ gallery

Who’s to blame for the credit crisis and where do we go from here?

Financial crisis: Survival guide

There can be an upside to managing a downturn.

Financial crisis: Chasing credit

Finding cash for small businesses just got a whole lot harder.

Financial crisis: Loonie tunes

When will the dollar rise again?

Financial crisis: Divorce, Russian style

Why Oleg Deripaska dumped Magna.

Financial crisis: Wing and a prayer

Is the high-flying aviation industry in for a bumpy landing?

MBA Guide 2008 (Intro)

Is business school really the place you want to be in tough economic times?

MBA Guide 2008: Major MBAs

Meet some students who hope the degree will help them win the battle.

MBA Guide 2008: Career upgrade 101

More biz schools are offering students a chance to increase their income without putting their life on hold.

Interview: The innovator

Rob McEwen’s unique vision of philanthropy and business.

Markets: Things will improve, or not

A Chartered Financial Analyst explains it all.

Finance: An ill wind

Icelandic bank failures chill Atlantic Canada.

The CEO Poll: Right choice

Canadian business leaders would have preferred a Conservative majority.

Economy: End of the beginning

Why I’m afraid that the economic fallout from the financial crisis may have only just begun.


Canada is poised to adopt a new accounting standard for public companies. It’s a ticking time bomb that should be defused.

Finance: Now you see it …

Ladies and gentlemen, fans of collateralized debt obligations and credit default swaps, witness another feat of structured finance magic: the total return swap.

Corporate culture: Macho men

Being too much of a stereotype is bad for business, no matter what you do.

Break up the gang?

Nortel’s decision to sell a promising division could be the first step in dismantling the company.

Leadership: The buck stops here

It takes a strong chief exec to rescue a company’s lost reputation.

Negotiation: Mini–power play

Negotiating with giants doesn’t have to be one-sided.

Editorial: Get it together

The economic crisis requires our politicians to start working together to govern effectively.

Editorial: OK, let’s talk NAFTA

Barack Obama, if he’s president, would like to renegotiate NAFTA. Perhaps Canada should welcome the chance.

Live & Learn: Bill Comrie

The founder of The Brick Warehouse talks about the art of no-interest financing, his love of sports and more.