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Corrections to errors in stories from Canadian Business.

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The buck stops here
November 10, 2008 issue

The sentence “While Maple Leaf’s reputation took an immediate and drastic hit in the aftermath of the contamination, it began bouncing backa month later, according to an Angus Reid index that measures corporate repuation over time” was deleted.

While Maple Leaf’s reputation seemingly improved, the improvement did not top the survey’s margin of error.

Raiders of the lost conch
April 28, 2008 issue

An illustration and photograph on pages 59 and 60, respectively, of the April 28 edition of Canadian Business depicted a woman as being involved in an endangered-species smuggling ring. She was identified incorrectly. Canadian Business regrets the error.

Oil markets: A nasty Russian tale
March 3, 2008 issue

Canadian Business wishes to correct an error that appeared in the article “A nasty Russian tale” (March 3). Canadian Business reported incorrect information concerning White & Case LLP. White & Case LLP did not draw up the Safety Deposit Agreements on May 29, 2006, or at all.

Moreover, Canadian Business has been advised that White & Case categorically disputes any assertion of negligence on the part of the firm or any of its lawyers. Canadian Business has further been advised that neither Mr. Shtaif nor his firm has brought any action for negligence against White & Case. Counsel for Mr. Shtaif and Euro Gas Consulting LLC has confirmed to Canadian Business that no acts or omission of White & Case have caused the loss being sued upon by Euro Gas Consulting LLC.

Canadian Business regrets the error and any misunderstanding that it may have created. The article has been removed.

Outlook 2008 (On oil prices): What goes up
December 24, 2007 issue

The forecasted average oil price for 2008 should be $66.

Filling the gap
March 12, 2007 issue

Last two paragraphs removed November 5, 2007 for legal reasons.