Unwrapped: LG Electronics' 84-inch 3-D Ultra HDTV

LG has taken the high-def arms race up a notch with the world's biggest ultra-definition television.


(Photo: Courtesy of LG Electronics)

HDTV not high definition enough for you? LG has taken the high-def arms race for entertainment eyeballs up a notch with the world’s biggest ultra-definition television to support next-level 4K picture format. The catchily named 84LM9600 boasts eight million pixels per frame, four times the resolution of existing HDTVs. Sharp, Toshiba and Panasonic all offer smaller 4K TVs, and Samsung and Sony have devices in development. There’s not a lot of 4K TV content available, but it promises to blow minds in Blu-ray.

Pricey pixels
The new Ultra HDTV was first available in South Korea in August for 25 million won, which works out to more than US$22,000.

Audio zoom
The 3-D sound zooming feature can track onscreen objects to match sound with their location and movement, all heard through 2.2 channel speakers.

Must-see 3-D
It’s 3-D depth control allows viewers to control the “distance” between near and far objects on the screen, for a bespoke 3-D experience.