The stealth laptop: travel light

Sony's newest will ease your burden.

Not a fan of the “I'm carrying a laptop and that's why I'm walking lopsided through the airport” look? Consider taking along Sony's new VAIO T-Series Notebook as your data processor of choice. This darling bit of digital kit weighs in at a wee 1.83 kilograms and will just about fit neatly inside this magazine. That's compact, even by today's standards. According to Sony, it's even thinner than some cellphones, allowing it to be easily stowed in the smallest backpack, shoulder bag, or even a briefcase, which is truly revolutionary when you think about it. No more struggling to keep that bulky laptop bag on your shoulder while running to catch the next shuttle to Montreal. Better yet, once you're seated, the on-board DVD controls mean the T-Series acts as a premium DVD player. In fact, the computer was designed as an entertainment platform and features an impressive array of interfaces–Memory Stick, Bluetooth and USB ports (right). Best of all, its compact dimensions translate into longer battery life–Sony promises up to 8.5 hours on this puppy. And if your battery runs out? You can always read the magazine.