The Futures Guide

How tomorrow's technologies are reinventing business now.

IBM: The company of the future
How IBM went from selling stuff to selling ideas.

Food: The DNA solution
Condemning genetically modified food is all the rage. But are we shutting down a technology that could feed the world?

Marketing: Dewing it alone
How the power of social networks could render traditional marketing departments obsolete.

Nano-medicine’s fantastic voyage
Nano-drugs are already here. Next up? Tiny robots that can repair your DNA.

Air travel: Evolution in the sky
How innovative design, new materials and biofuels will keep air travel viable.

Inventions: Marketplace of the future
What products will we embrace in the years to come? How about disease-detecting chips, bikes with self-inflating tires and calorie-counters that live in your stomach.

Wrong! Five tech predictions that fell woefully short
Flying cars, four-day workweeks and robo-athletes? Wrong, wrong, and wrong!