Technology innovation: Stuff that works for you

Wide webs, erasable paper, BRAIN waves, touch technology and laptop security: five new ideas that will change the way you do business every single day.

Innovation comes from many sources. Sometimes, ideas form in the corporate bowels of multinational companies and eventually find their way to the surface. More often, they come from inventors who will go to great lengths to see their creations come to life. The Great Canadian Invention Competition is proof of that. More than 200 ideas were submitted to Canadian Business’s second annual attempt to uncover potential-rich concepts and help commercialize them, courtesy of Nytric, an engineering services firm in Mississauga, Ont.

The next great corporate-spun product, on the other hand, might be one of the five highlighted here — ideas that could change the way you do business. Or it might come from one of the companies on this year’s Tech 100 ranking, our annual look at the top publicly traded companies in Canada. This year, we’ve revamped the list to include only those companies actually creating IT value. Consider it our little way of keeping things fresh—and innovative.