The futuristic fridge you didn't realize you needed

Made by Samsung.

For years, the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has been touting the arrival of “the Internet of things”—everydayobjects-cum-web-enabled-machines of the future. This year, they arrived. Meet Samsung’s T9000: a 32-cubic-foot, four-door fridge dubbed “the home entertainer’s ultimate refrigerator,” featuring an app-enabled touchscreen, and the ability to change one compartment from freezer to fridge function at the touch of a button. The only thing it can’t do is tell you when you’re out of milk.

The 10-inch touch screen runs on a Linux-based OS and has integrated the popular Evernote app to make sharing grocery lists, recipes and photos from your fridge to your smartphone or tablet a snap. It also features calendar and weather apps, as well as the Epicurious recipe app, which allows you to tap icons for items in your fridge and get meal suggestions. And thanks to a deal with Unilever, you’ll also get food info and discount codes sent directly to your fridge.

Stay fresh
The T9000’s triple cooling system uses two compressors, three evaporators and an array of sensors that Samsung says maintains commercial-grade humidity that will keep your food fresher for longer.

Coming soon
Samsung hasn’t announced availability or pricing on the T9000 touchscreen version, but its LCD-less companion is set to hit stores in late spring for a cool US$4,000.