Never lose your cat again with the Stick-N-Find device locator

A gadget for your gadgets.


Now you’ll never lose your YouTube meal ticket. (Photo: Stick N’ Find; iStock)

Tech companies seem able to create new devices at the exact same rate their customers lose the old ones. It’s an immutable law. No sooner will you be eyeing that new smartwatch than you’ll be wondering where you left your smartphone. Thankfully, there’s Stick-N-Find, a new gadget designed to keep tabs on all the other gadgets you have lying around.

The device
About the size and shape of a quarter, but twice as thick, Stick-N-Finds clings to remote controls, key chains, wallets, pets and anything else you might lose, by way of an adhesive pad.

The app
Once installed, users track their Stick-N-Finds with a free smartphone app. The radar screen shows all active devices within a 30-metre range. A quick tap can light them up or make them buzz.

The downside
Stick-N-Find knows distance but not direction. So it can tell you if your lost keys are close, but not how to find them. On the plus side, a single user can operate at least 20 devices, which sell for US$49.99 per pair, at a time.