Google debuts a pair of Android smart watch designs and promises more coming

Android has made an interesting move into the wearable technology market. In the video above, you’ll see that they’ve debuted two smartwatch designs (part of their Android Wear brand) that are now in what the company calls the “developer” stage. While Google has come up with an initial interface for both the round and rectangular screen designs, the two-minute clip still calls upon designers and developers to start tailoring their apps for an “ecosystem of watches in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes.”

So far, the company says its working with “consumer electronics manufacturers, chip makers and fashion brands” to contribute to the family of Android-based wearables. On Tuesday, LG released the G Watch featuring Android Wear technology, while Motorola unveiled the Moto 360. More wearables based on Android Wear are on the way as well—Engadget reports that HTC, Qualcomm and fashion brand Fossil are taking part in the project too.