For the cyborg skier in your life: computerized snow goggles

Introducing the Oakley Airwave.


The rise of the smartphone as an all-in-one ultimate connectivity tool has been both rapid and total. The next challenge is to maintain the same amount of connectedness when we’re active—whether driving a car, in a plane or on the side of a snowy mountain. Oakley has teamed with Vancouver-based Recon Instruments to offer a solution for skiers. The company’s new Airwave goggles essentially strap a computer to your face, allowing you to access ski trail maps, measure your jumps and read texts, among other things. At $600, it does just about everything but teach you how to ride the half-pipe.

The Airwave brings the slopes into the information age, with a gyroscope, GPS, accelerometer, altimeter, barometer, compass and temperature sensor. Thanks to its prism technology, stats appear in front of your right eye as though on a 14-inch screen that was five feet in front of your face.

Airwave’s companion Android and iOS apps are accessed with a wrist remote that helps you navigate your mountaintop music selection and other phone-related tasks.

You can track your friends’ locations, as long as they have the app on their phones, and text messages and caller ID appear inside the goggles. The Airwave also can connect to two other gadgets—a Contour camera you can strap to your helmet and a Polar heart-rate monitor.