These 10 topics were most popular among Canadian Facebook users this year

Guess where Harlem Shake placed


You may have noticed a “Year in Review” tab pop up on your Facebook homepage this morning, a highlight reel of sorts for the events and posts you shared with your friends this year.

In addition to gathering highlights at the micro level, Facebook has also released a list of the 10 topics that were most discussed by Canadians on the social media site this year.

As illustrated in the graphic above, the Toronto Maple Leafs took the top spot, perhaps due to a number of frustrated fans taking to the Internet to vent about about the last playoff season. Following the Leafs were two viral video sensations—the Harlem Shake (see below) and Miley Cyrus’s “twerking” performance at the MTV Video Music Awards.

The tragedy of the Boston Marathon was also heavily discussed by Canadians on Facebook this year, as was the birth of royal baby Prince George. Controversial figures Lance Armstrong and Rob Ford also made the list, joined by Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, newly-elected Pope Francis, and the most popular astronaut to ever sing a David Bowie song in space, Commander Chris Hadfield.

Facebook has also released a list of the most popular places their Canadian users “Checked In” to this year. Not surprisingly, the top three locations are all sports arenas. The Air Canada Centre (home of the Leafs and the Toronto Raptors) was the third most popular place users chose to broadcast their presence from, following the Montreal Canadiens’ home at Centre Bell. But Vancouver Canucks fans were perhaps most eager to share their attendance at games, as the Rogers Arena was declared the most popular “Check In” spot for Canadians on Facebook in 2013.

To commemorate this year in social media, here’s the Miami Heat’s version of the Harlem Shake. See if you can spot LeBron.