Chart: Cell subscriptions in Canada low, but costs high

There are over 70 mobile subscriptions per 100 people in this country, and yet that's fewer than any other developed nation.

On an elevator trip to go to lunch, three out of five people are on a mobile device. While walking to the restaurant, two people almost bump into you, head down, eyes on their BlackBerry or iPhone. Days like this make us aware of how ubiquitous mobile communications have become in Canada. According to the International Telecommunications Union, there are over 70 cellular subscriptions per 100 people in this country. Although that sounds high, the study indicates that Canada has fewer mobile subscriptions than any other developed country. Hong Kong, Russia, Austria and Singapore all have more than double the number per 100 people than Canada. One reason for this is the cost of cell phone bills in this country. According to, a study by BofA Merrill Lynch indicates that the average cell phone bill in Canada of about $55 in early 2010 is higher than any of the 50 countries covered. The lowest were Mexico, Brazil, China, Russia and India with average monthly bills of less than $20.