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Canadian Business magazine: October 14, 2013

A look at the stories featured in the October 14, 2013 issue of Canadian Business.


Editor’s Letter The out-of-control university tuition hoax

BlackBerry’s White Knight Prem Watsa wants to keep the company whole. But can he?

Money Puck An amazing new way to value hockey players

Quantum computers How Canada is about to change the world

Dead Letter Office We can save Canada Post—if we’re bold enough

Special Report: The XX Factor Women in a Changing Workplace

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Yes, the Globe is Warming A new UN climate report confirms it, but will Canada act?

A New Threat for Big Grocery Amazon’s home delivery service is poised for a big expansion

A Simpler Environmental Review The first big test of Ottawa’s new assessment process shows it’s the same, but faster

Capitalism Gets A Little Kinder B.C. introduces Canada’s first model for profitable charities

Hot Topic Majority of Canadians support restricting religious symbols at work

Global Report

India’s New Rock-Star Central Banker Raghuram Rajan has made a splashy entrance, but turning India around will be a tough slog

A Different Kind of Newspaper Crisis In Venezuela, there are lots of readers, but no paper

The Map China plans world’s longest sea tunnel


It’s Tasty, It’s 6% Alcohol, It’s…Bud Light? Brewers woo frat boys and beer geeks by stretching their brands

He Loves Us, So Should You Brands boost credibility through links

New Looks Ernst & Young gets a new logo


Will Twitter take Flight? It won’t make the same mistakes as Facebook. But you should still wait before buying

Be Your Fund Manager The asset management sector itself may be your best investment

New Life for a Fallen Star Pacific Rubiales Energy is poised to bounce back


Bruce Philp Tesla’s Brilliant Madness

James Cowan Hand Off My Credit Cards

Richard Branson Steve Jobs was never satisfied

Winners & Losers

Nobody is happy with Apple or BlackBerry these days. Oddly enough, Michael Dell is doing fine

The Feud: Beanie babies versus The U.S. Department of Justice

The Informer

The Easy Sell: Bespoke Bikes

Everything but the Grille : In Audi’s RS5, Jacob Richler finds a fast car that chews with its mouth open

Eat Like a Whale: Meet the super-elite who always get the best tables the secret menus and anything else they request. Want to become one? First step: Ask for a raise.

Who You Calling David?: In his new book, David & Goliath, Malcolm Gladwell argues that underdogs have hidden advantages. But are his counterintuitive arguments nearing their own tipping point?

Pop Index: Mark Zuckerberg’s reno breakdown

The New Beer Bistro: Could beer replace wine at the world’s best restaurants? It already has at Brooklyn’s Luksus.

Ask McArdle: Canned wine, Twitter feuds and good old what’s his face

Trailing Indicator

How happy are Canadians?
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