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Canadian Business magazine: October 28, 2013

A look at the stories featured in the October 28, 2013 issue of Canadian Business.



Editor’s Letter We respected BlackBerry, but we never loved it

The main with nothing to lose When Prem Watsa’s plan to buy BlackBerry was announced, he declared he was saving a Canadian icon. But the shrewdest mind in Canadian business isn’t saving a company – he’s saving himself

Shhhhh… The inside story of Bombarier’s $4-billion gamble on a jet so quiet it will revitalize downtown airports all over the world

MEC without the mountain Mountain Equipment Co-op became a massive Canadian success story by appealing to hard-core adventurers. Now it’s dumping the ‘mountain’ to get suburban soccer moms and joggers. Is the co-op being co-opted?


The new golden age of television

Why the future of TV may not include TV: From Mad Men to Breaking Bad to House of Cards, everyone agrees the small screen has never been so exciting. So why is it so hard to make money?

11 things you’ve wondered about TV answered: So, what’s a hit on Netflix?



Saving the Canadian car We need to focus on parts and R&D instead of assembly plants

Clamping down on high-tech tax evaders Many businesses still ‘zap’ transactions. Why isn’t the CRA fighting back?

An epidemic of absenteeism Why employees are taking more and more sick days every year

Next up, Alberta Our new securities cop is good to grow

The Ode: Lloyd’s list newspaper The original shipping news retains a loyal readership after 300 years – but not in print

A disruptive explosion of images Calgary’s iStock founders are back with new ventures to compete with Getty Images

Too quiet on the western front An M&A drought has deal makers worrying about the future

Hot Topic 70% of us think BlackBerry can recover

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Global Report

A second chance for Second Cup Canada’s other coffee chain is expanding where Starbucks can’t follow – yet

Why Germany needs to live a little Merkel’s re-election shores up austerity, but that’s not enough

The Map Child labour declines dramatically



A miniature sun rises in the west Burnaby’s General Fusion aims to tap clean fusion power at a fraction of the cost

In bed with big data Fatigue Science leads in ‘sleep analytics’

Unwrapped: GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition camera



The oil of the future An ever thirstier world looks to water companies to wet its whistle

Tweets that move markets Social media is a useful tool, but no substitute for due diligence

A surprise top performer on the TSX Little-known Element Financial surges 120% in a single year



Peter Shawn Taylor Do rich people make you sick?

Andrew Hallam With stocks, bigger isn’t better

Richard Branson Profit isn’t everything

Winners & Losers

George Clooney in outer space, Congress in inner turmoil and Canadian maple syrup in a starring role

The Feud: Joel Matlin vs AlarmForce


The Informer

The Easy Sell: Seamless Yarai Japanese Mixing Glass

Perfectly imperfect: The Italian art of Sprezzatura and why your tie dimple was fine the first time you tied it

When good dining goes bad Two Chicago experiences prove convivial chaos wins

Million dollar suits No, not literally. But you have to admit, these four CEOs of Vancouver’s white-hot startup scene do look like they’re worth every penny, no?

Billion-dollar amateurs Imagine a league that makes billions, but doesn’t pay its players a cent. Meet the crazy U.S. college football system.

Pop Index: Oh no you di’int: are Kanye West’s feuds as legendary as his albums?

Ask McArdle: Pumpkin mania, condo mansions and a surefire hangover cure


Trailing Indicator

Grand Theft Profits: How long does it take to be blockbuster?


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