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Canadian Business magazine: November 25, 2013

A look at the stories featured in the November 25, 2013 issue of Canadian Business.



Editor’s Letter: Bitcoin has flaws, but it will change the world

Special Report: CEO of the Year

They Like to WatchAvigilon’s security cameras are so good, they’d make Big Brother envious. And with bleeding edge technology, t hey make businesses run better, not just safer

How to Save the World: How Unilever—and a host of other successful corporations—are rethinking capitalism and boosting the bottom lines

The App Effect: Canada’s independent video game makers are blasting the big boys…and winning

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Little Ventured, Nothing Gained: Its takeover proposal dead, Blackberry’s future is uncertain

Clash of the Tech Titans: Rockstar reopens the patent war

No Easy Rebound for U.S. Housing: New signs show the U.S. housing recovery could be a rocky one

Lulu at the Crossroads: One position filled, but still no CEO

The Ode: Hamilton Works (1887-2013): Once a huge local force, it was eventually crushed by cheap steel from the East

Hot Topic: We may not love oil pipelines, but we prefer them to rail


The Pragmatic Mr. Iveson: Edmonton’s new mayor isn’t the anti-growth crusader some imagine him to be

The Coldest Cayman Island: Alberta now has a lower tax rate on the super rich than the U.S.

Global Report

Haiti’s Unlikely Lead in Digital Money: In the hemisphere’s poorest country, mobile banking catches on—and turns a profit

A Contrarian Nuclear GambleBritain aims to build the world’s first post-Fukushima plant


Japan Awakes from its Long Slumber: Japan’s stocks are suddenly hot. But can Abe really reform its moribund economy?

Robot Traders are Your FriendsNew research counters high-frequency trading’s bad rap

A Licence to Print Money—in 3-D: The hottest new sub-sector on the markets


Peter Shawn Taylor: Set mortgage insurance free

James Cowan: The next free trade quagmire

Richard Branson: What young entrepreneurs need

Winners & Losers

Benedict Cumberbatch, ketchup and 65 cases of bourbon. The best Saturday night ever? No, it’s our almanac of business news!

The Feud: Starbucks vs. Sattar Buksh


The Easy Sell: String theory

How Lexus won the war: On its 25th anniversary, Lexus finally pulls ahead, writes Jacob Richler

Why every man should own a tux: As gala season approaches, men should embrace (not fear) the tuxedo, writes Benjamin Leszcz

The New Grapes in Town: We asked a few sommeliers which wines they’re lining their cellars with now. Make some room next to the pinot

Brilliant. And Yes, Sometimes Cruel: Jeff Bezos started Amazon from a desk in his garage. Turning it into ‘The Everything Store’ took equal parts genius and obsession

Pop Index: Tracking a fortnight’s worth of gains and losses in our culture

The Lunchbox Challenge: Brock Sandwich’s Dominic Amaral makes us a peanut butter and jam sammie

Ask McArdle: Giant diamonds, whirling doors and the joy of betting on kids

Trailing Indicator

Who Owns the Colour Purple?

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