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Canadian Business magazine: December 9, 2013

A look at the stories featured in the December 9, 2013 issue of Canadian Business.



Editor’s Letter: What should we do with Canada’s rich?

Canada’s 100 Wealthiest People: Canada’s super-wealthy are 15% richer this year, thanks to a worldwide market rally and some canny business moves

David Mirvish’s Unfortunate International Art Adventure: How did the son of ‘Honest Ed’ Mirvish end up at the centre of the most shocking art forgery scandal of the decade?

The Concierge Diaries: Inside the expanding business of personal concierge assistants, where no request is too mundane…or too odd

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The Problem With ‘Big CPP‘: It’s a shotgun solution that would cost business dearly

A Government Office That Does Almost Nothing: Mining mediation counsellor resigns with little to show for her efforts

Building a Bigger ‘Super Lab’: Health professionals fear a monopoly in medical testing

The Bitumen Bubble’s Back: Alberta oil discount hits $40 a barrel

Here Are the Keys—Don’t Break Anything: Can Fed nominee Yellen end QE and save the housing recovery

Hot Topic: Most overestimate how rich the richest Canadians really are

British Columbia

Slow Train to China: Does CN have a secret agenda to transport oil by rail to the West Coast?

Biotech’s Next Stars? Two companies step up to fill the hole left by QLT and Angiotech


Private Equity for Everyone: How to capture private firms’ superior performance using publicly traded stocks

Take That Bonus to Your Broker: Lump-sum investing beats dollar-cost averaging most of the time

The Unlikely Commodity Stock That Soared: Methanex has doubled this year, and there’s more to come


James Cowan: What’s sinking our battleships?

Bruce Philp: Luxury ain’t what it used to be

Richard Branson: How to conquer your fear

Winners & Losers

You’d think people associated with yoga and frozen yogurt would be pretty chill. You would be wrong.

The Informer

The 14-km Workday: Good news! Your request for a treadmill desk came through. Dan Rubinstein tells you what you can expect next.

Puerto Rican Renaissance: San Juan is exploding with art, food and new hotels, writes Shirine Saad.

Those Crazy Frackers: The inside story of the wildcat gamblers who made billions on fracking—and blasted a hole in the U.S. energy crisis.

Pop Index: Tracking a fortnight’s worth of gains and losses in our culture

Most Fun Car of the Year Goes to: Hilariously fast and sharp to handle, the JCW is the only Mini Jacob Richler wants to drive

Ask McArdle: Butcrackers, fish burgers and a romantic office delivery

Trailing Indicator

2,000 Restaurants, 7 Owners
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