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    iPad, iPad Mini & iPhone

    Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

  • iPad®/iPhone®:


    • In-line video
    • Links to live letters feed and author blogs
    • Fully integrated with social networking: Facebook, Twitter and email sharing
    • Issue at a glance provides the ability to see the entire issue page-by-page and jump directly to your departments
    • option to save favourite content
    • options to buy back issues and special issues as they become available

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    Google Chrome

    Android phone

    Android 7-inch tablet

    Android 10-inch tablet

  • Android™


    • Seamless syncing and easy access to magazines across all your Android devices
    • Entire library is always with you, even when you are offline.
    • Vibrant full-color display on your Android tablet or phone
    • Flip to text mode and enjoy a custom reading experience perfect for your phone’s screen

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  • Windows™ 8


    • Magnifying articles for a better read
    • Easy sharing of favourite articles via email, Facebook or Twitter
    • Panning and zooming of pages, articles and photos
    • Tools like bookmarks, advanced search, article ranking and back issue access
    • Easy to use format that you can consume online and offline



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    Kobo arc,
    Kobo arc7,
    Kobo arc7 HD,
    Kobo arc 10 HD

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    • Read Anytime, Anywhere with Free Kobo eReading Apps
    • Automatically syncs your library across all your devices.
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    • Customize your reading experience
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