How Uber Is Transforming The On-Demand Economy

In 2020, Uber helped unlock value by saving time for Canadians, keeping local kitchens open and creating flexible earning opportunities for drivers and delivery people. These numbers show why

In a new report commissioned by Uber Canada, research firm Public First analyzed the impact of Uber in Canada in 2020, and how Uber has changed the on-demand economy. In the first Economic Impact Report, there are a few results that are clear. Uber’s availability in over 140 municipalities and across 9 provinces, has helped make everyday life easier for Canadians by offering a convenient, reliable and cost-effective form of travel. For communities, Uber has become an important economic multiplier for restaurants, cafes and local businesses. It also helps provide a safer way to get home late at night, and fill in transportation gaps. For the economy more broadly, Uber helps save time, expand mobility, create new business for restaurants and the hospitality industry, and provide flexible earning opportunities for thousands of drivers and delivery people in Canada.

Canadian Business - Uber Canada Economic Impact infographic