How the Smartphone Is Changing the Boardroom

From entertaining features to form and function, discover how smartphones are meeting the challenges of today’s leaders.

We live in an era in which mobile technology informs every aspect of our personal and professional lives, and it’s no secret that today’s professionals are busier than ever – in and out of the office. Indeed, by 2020 half of the global workforce will be working remotely most of the time – and today, close to half of the global workforce uses mobile devices for business – a staggering 1.87 billion people worldwide. So when it feels like you have 48 hours-worth of work to fit into 24, you need tools that work as hard as you do. How is your tech standing up to the task?

We’ve gone ahead and identified some of the challenges today’s business leaders are facing in their day-to-day, and how today’s smartphones – including the Samsung Galaxy Note9 – are stepping up to meet the needs of power users.

The challenge: You’re coming up on 10 hours in the office and home is calling your name. Emails are checked, your calendar is set for tomorrow and you’re already heading out the door, when your inbox is greeted by an “URGENT” subject line, along with a brand new fire for you to put out. Your day just got a lot longer – and your smartphone’s battery indicator just started blinking “low.”


The solution: You’ve still got some gas left in the tank to handle this crisis, so make sure your phone does, too. Today’s smartphones are coming packed with massive batteries with Fast Charging features so that your device keeps up, all day. A single charge of your 4,000mAh Galaxy Note9 battery provides all-day battery life so it’s ready for whatever comes, no matter how late in the day it is – just like you are. And on the off chance you’re getting low on juice (you forgot to charge it last night… again), Fast Charge capabilities mean you can be back on your way with a 60 per cent charge in as little as 15 minutes.


The challenge: You’ve been working around the clock to close this deal with a new international client – putting in grueling hours, and racking up the frequent flyer miles over the Atlantic. Finally landing on Canadian soil, about midday Eastern Time, you receive an email with the good news – and a contract needing your signature no later than end of day, GMT. You can’t miss this opportunity, but you’re stuck in an airplane cabin with less than ten minutes on the clock.


The solution: Choose a device made for power users, with unique features designed for mobile professionals. The Galaxy Note9 comes with the innovative S Pen to make real-time edits, note-taking, and inputs a breeze, even when editing lengthy documents. Sign off on action items from anywhere you can use your phone, whether that’s on your way out to lunch, off-site for your next meeting, or on a packed commuter train. You can even take notes when the screen is off, so you can leave that messy notebook behind and jot down your thoughts anytime. Scratching items off your to-do list has never been so high-tech.


The challenge: You’ve got a make or break presentation in just a few minutes, and your colleague with the latest version of your deck just called to say they won’t make it in. They send you the file because the show must go on – except you don’t have your laptop and the last thing you need is to ask your prospective client if you can borrow a computer.


The solution: Smartphones that do double duty and provide PC-like functionality. With a single Samsung DeX Cable, you can connect your Galaxy Note9 to a monitor, TV or HDMI-enabled projector and transform your phone into a PC-like experience – so you can turn any room into a boardroom. Connect your phone to an external display to use apps or review documents, while still being able to answer messages and access notifications from your mobile device. Plus, the Galaxy Note9 comes with the advanced S Pen, which uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology (BLE) so you can navigate your presentation at the touch of a button, up to 10 metres away from your phone. Now you can focus on reviewing your talking points instead of contending with technical difficulties.

The verdict: Today’s smartphones aim to provide their users with the premium performance they need, combined with the favourite features they love – and the latest offerings from the world’s top manufacturers stand up to the test with impressive battery life, powerful multitasking performance, and unique features that add new value for business users. And with added entertainment features such as stereo speakers, intelligent cameras, and crisp, vibrant displays, it’s no surprise more business leaders are using their smartphones for both work and play. For a phone that works as hard as you do, check out the Galaxy Note9. You deserve it.