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Low-Cost Marketing

Spend Less Money, Get More Results

Written by megan.ip@rci.rogers.com
Low-Cost Marketing: Spend Less Money, Get More Results

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How can you succeed when companies with bigger PR and marketing budgets outspend you by a huge margin? You don’t need to hire an expensive ad agency or run a million-dollar marketing campaign to get your message out.

The list of free or low-cost ways to reach your target audience is easy enough to assemble. Want free PR? Network with the right people. Twitter? Facebook? Great, they’re free.

But with the number of online options for “guerilla marketing” campaigns and cheap ads increasing all the time, it can be hard to know which ones will deliver. And, it’s one thing to target journalists and supporters to help spread your message, but it’s another to know how to make them want to help you.

Of course, time is money. Those “free” online marketing opportunities, including social media, can eat up more of your time than they’re worth. And, if you’ve decided you don’t need that consultant or agency to help with advertising, you had better do your homework and find out what works, and how to stretch your budget.

This PROFITguide.com special report, Low-Cost Marketing, will help you use some of the most effective low-cost and free tools to get PR for your business—and measure the results.

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