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Don’t Be Afraid of Gen Y

Millennials could be your greatest asset. Everything you need to know about attracting, managing and retaining these 80s kids

Written by Megan Ip
Don’t Be Afraid of Gen Y: Millennials Could Be Your Greatest Asset

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Millennials (also called Generation Y) are possibly the most confusing generation yet. CEOs a generation or two ahead of Gen Y lament their egos, higher expectations and short attentions spans. They may be tough to engage, but they will comprise as much as 75% of the labour force by 2028, so learning what makes them tick is essential. If you manage them correctly, Millennials will respond by using their creativity and technological aptitude to go the extra mile for clients.

Smart business owners won’t just learn how to keep Millennials happy, they’ll learn how to use the generation’s unique skill set to vastly improve their business.

This special report, Don’t Be Afraid of Gen Y, will tell you everything you need to know about who these 80s kids really are and how to work with them. First, disavow yourself of some common misconceptions about younger workers. Then, find out how one company was able to use Gen Y’s different mindset to its advantage. You’ll also find tips on how to attract these talented youths and how to create a management structure that allows them to thrive. Finally, discover how to stop Gen Y workers from seeing their position with your company as just a starter job.

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