Small Business

Pump up the jams

Written by Murad Hemmadi

Ever have to pause an epic treadmill marathon or weightlifting session to untangle your headphones? Maybe the task is a welcome excuse for a breather, but it’s far more likely to be an annoyance.

Montreal-based Phazon makes wireless earbuds specifically for working out (they are totally waterproof and meant to stay put under vigorous movement). The $199 pieces, designed to fit into most ears sans padding or clips, are the invention of accountant and former Saskatchewan Roughrider Christian Houle. Phazon nabbed an investment deal on CBC’s Dragons’ Den and raised just over US$2€¯million via Indiegogo in early 2016.

Most “wireless” earphones feature a behind-the-head cord, which gets in the way of energetic activity. “It’s definitely one wire less, but not fully wireless,” Houle quipped in the Den. Though Apple recently announced its own totally wireless AirPods, its accessories have a reputation for lacklustre performance—especially when sweat is involved. In the battle for active folks’ eardrums, the clear winner has yet to emerge, but the days of that omnipresent white cord are waning.

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