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FUTURE USE: The 30 Best Business Practices LANDING PAGE

Written by Ian.Portsmouth

How much would you like to increase your company’s sales, boost its profitability or improve your personal productivity? You can do all three—simply by borrowing the proven tactics of the most successful companies and executives from around the world. You’ll find them in this special report, The 30 Best Business Practices of All Time.

The 30 Best Business Practices of All Time offers tips and tactics you can use right now.

Covering HR, sales, marketing, operations and strategy, it’s authoritative, informative and fun—all the things leading entrepreneurs have come to expect from the award-winning journalists at PROFIT.

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#1: Go One-on-One

#2: Document Everything

#3: Open Your Books

#4: Invoice Promptly

#5: Hire Your Customers

#6: Fire Your Customers

#7: Find Your Hedgehog

#8: Obsess Over Metrics

#9: Innovate Google’s Way

#10: Give Power to Your People

#11: Develop Raving Fans with NPS

#12: Enter Awards Programs

#13: Write The One-Page Plan

#14: Ask the Q12

#15: Paint Your Picture

#16: Build an Advisory Board

#17: Join a Peer Advisory Group

#18: Share the Wealth

#19: Capture Your USP

#20: Let Your Staff Stretch

#21-30 Great Ideas You Can Use Today

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