Small Business

2006 Financing Guide

Written by Rick Spence, Camilla Cornell

Get cash now

Smart entrepreneurs don’t wait till they need money to go looking for it. Happily, there’s a wealth of enticing new options and remodelled old ones to choose from. Read this guide to today’s biggest and hottest financing sources and you just might be able to find all the money you need

Money to burn

Five hot sources of capital for your business — and two that could leave you cold

So what about the banks?

These days Canada’s big six are anything but a hotbed of fresh thinking. But some clever Brits could be about to shake things up

I love my banker!

Frustrating. Stressful. Adversarial. That’s how many entrepreneurs describe their banking relationships. But not this trio. Let them show you the secrets behind squeezing the most out of your banker. Also: 8 steps to banking bliss

5 keys to getting cash

The indispensable steps to opening the hearts, minds — and wallets — of financiers

Beyond the banks

Your guide to 15 underappreciated sources of financing you need to know more about

© 2006 Rick Spence, Camilla Cornell

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